Speak Out 8/17/07

Friday, August 17, 2007

Show compassion

I DON'T appreciate what Nathan Cooper has done, but he is still human. We humans do stupid stuff. His greed got the better of him. Pray for him and his family. He knows he did wrong. Uncalled-for remarks are not helping anyone. Please be merciful and remember the mercy you use on others will be used upon you.

Asset builders

CONGRATULATIONS TO Central Junior High School, Cathy Huskey, Lee Spencer, Nacoasha Davis and Lawanda Stewart for being recognized as "Asset Builders" during THRIVE's first annual asset celebration. It is nice to know that there are people and organizations in our community who see the importance of building appropriate relationships with young people to make sure that they grow up healthy, caring and responsible.

Destructive OSHA

YES, OSHA does destroy small business. I'm sure most people don't know that OSHA sneaks around and films contractors, then show what they consider they've done wrong and fines them big money. If you dispute it and you are found in the wrong, OSHA can levy higher fines. This is a fact. This is not the Middle East, and these contractors are not terrorists. They're hard-working Americans who don't need Big Brother spying on them. It's time to make a difference. Get out and vote next election.

Cleaning house

HOW IN the world can we ever get out of the war and how can we make the United States a better place to live when our government has so much corruption in it? How can government ever straighten things out and help the people of the United States when it has so much turmoil going on? Government needs to clean house first.

Pesky mosquitoes

SINCE WE are in a drought situation and I change my cats' water at least four times a day and the mosquito fogger just went by and I am getting eaten alive, I have come to a conclusion: Mosquitoes are here whether we have water or not and, once again, the city wastes our money. But what else is new?

Prompt delivery

I LIVE on County Road 458 off Highway 34. I have such a great paper deliverer. I could almost time my clock by how prompt he is. Tonight he came at 25 minutes to 3 a.m., and I would just like to personally thank him.

Pets and hot weather

IN THIS weather, please check your pets at least three times a day and get them in a house, a garage or shed whenever possible. They depend on us for everything.

Clothes for seniors

JUST ONCE I would like to see clothing advertised for older people. I'm in my 70s. What are we supposed to do -- quit wearing clothes? I never see anything advertised that would fit me.

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