Speak Out 8/13/07

Monday, August 13, 2007

Naive opinions

WOMEN ARE empowered when we have more choices. Kathryn Lopez is young and doesn't realize how hard these rights were fought for. Those of us who are old enough to remember don't want to go back to coat-hanger days. Lopez would do well to observe someone who's lived a little longer like Joy Behar and not give her naive opinions about women and the abortion issue.

Lashing out

I DON'T know why a smoker would lash out at overweight people. If a person's smoking to keep his weight down, it's a poor way to do it. For the most part, overweight people don't get in my space like smokers get under my nose. If you're in the hot seat, don't lash out at another group of people. Accept responsibility. There's nothing worse than hearing somebody hack because they've got smoker's cough.

Another boon

OH, BOY, I can hardly wait for this new plant to go in Cairo with all these thousands of jobs. It's going to be an absolute boon to Alexander County just like the prison at Tamms was. How fortunate can you be to live in a county like this?


SO MUCH for the tax-free weekend in Cape Girardeau. I went shopping Sunday, and every place I went charged taxes for school supplies. I think this is something city officials need to look into.

Another option

I'M IN full support of Three Rivers Community College in Cape Girardeau. Three Rivers offers two-year degrees and will give students another option other than Southeast Missouri State University.

People in need

I HAVE had about enough of this federal courthouse money-sucking joke. There are people in shelters because they cannot afford any air conditioning, and we're paying for artwork for the courthouse? This is sickening.

Nordenia's taxes

IT IS Nordenia's property taxes that support the Nell Holcomb School District.

Lack of courtesy

COMMON COURTESY has decreased. We were driving on the back roads from Cape Girardeau to Jackson and had a flat tire. I pulled over in the Whispering Oaks construction entrance. A nice man stopped and helped me pull my tire off the car. I had all three of my children with me. It was a hot day. I had to go to work, so my dad went for a new tire. In the time it took for him to get the new tire and put it back on, somebody had left a note on our car saying that this wasn't a parking lot and that they were going to have my car towed. My car obviously only had three tires.

Assessment bomb

THE CAPE Girardeau County commissioners are dancing about the 8.9 percent increase in the assessed property values. This does not bode well for future homeowners and small business owners. Every other year, reassessment is a ticking time bomb that will destroy people's ability to own a decent home. It's a mystery to me how a home that is two years older could be worth more money. Surely they wear out.

OSHA's back

OSHA'S BACK in town busting small contractors for silly infractions that are ridiculous in the first place. This does not only affect contractors, but also the public. The purpose of OSHA is to destroy small business. Then big business moves in and charges outrageous prices for construction work. Write your elected officials. If they don't do anything, vote them out of office. That's the only way to get their attention.

Campus slogan

I HAVE the perfect slogan for Three Rivers Community College when they set up a campus in Cape Girardeau: "Better parking than SEMO." I think that's all they would need to say to get students.

Hiring teachers

I HAVE never called Speak Out in my life, but when I read the comments from the person in the corporate world about the hiring of teachers in the Jackson School District, I couldn't dial the phone number fast enough. First of all, you are not in the education field, so how do know the process for hiring teachers? Obviously you have no students in the district or you would know that the previous callers were all right on the mark. My children attend school in Jackson. Every year I see young, first-year teachers hired rather than older, more experienced teachers. When I ask about the new teachers I am always told who they are related to in the district. I challenge you to find one example that proves any of us wrong.

Buying supplies

HERE WE go again with the teachers complaining they have to buy supplies for their students. My child has been in the Cape Girardeau School District eight years. I volunteered countless hours and gave donations and joined PTO. Frank Ellis and the kindergarten teachers were the only ones who thanked me at Alma Schrader Elementary School. At the middle school, the fifth grade teacher was always asking the students if they had extra supplies to give to others. Half the supplies I managed to purchase were never used. I'm not buying anything this year, because the school district and city are doing so well.

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