Letter to the Editor

Historian shared her memories

Sunday, August 12, 2007

To the editor:A few weeks ago, Cape Girardeau lost a lady whom I admired very much: Elner Miller. God allowed Ms. Elner 96 years on this earth. Her entire life was lived in Cape Girardeau County and Cape Girardeau. She was born near Blomeyer, Mo. She attended a country school. Her family moved to Cape Girardeau where she continued her schooling. She was in one of the first classes to graduate from the John S. Cobb School.

She was my historian. She had a source of information on the black and white communities. Many Girardeans probably never heard of her, but I wish you had.

I wish she could have participated in the Remembering Cape Girardeau program. The stories she could tell. She lived to see many changes.

I will miss her and our long telephone conversations. I shall cherish her friendship and be grateful for the history of Cape Girardeau she shared with me. To her family: I'm glad your mother shared her time with me.

LOUISE DUNCAN, Cape Girardeau