Letter to the Editor

Wrong priorities on fighting

Sunday, August 12, 2007

To the editor:There are some things I just don't understand. We have been hearing a lot recently about people being arrested for letting game chickens fight. Also, one of our star athletes was charged with letting pit bulldogs fight and is facing fines and jail time if convicted.

Anyone who knows me will tell you I am an animal lover. Even though it happens all the time in the wild, I still do not enjoy seeing animals fight.

The thing I do not understand is that it seems to be OK for people to fight. If you have watched much television lately, you probably watched brutal boxing where two men get in the ring, kick and batter each other until one is knocked down, kicked and beaten to a pulp. This apparently is OK because people pay to watch it.

Then there is this matter of the U.S. sending sons, fathers, mothers and daughters to a country to kill thousands of people who, although they hate each other, have done nothing to harm us. As a result, our soldiers, who are the bravest and greatest people on earth, are getting killed or maimed for life. It seems a lot of people think this is OK too. But letting a couple of chickens fight? Put 'em in jail. Give me a break.