Speak Out 8/12/07

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Low-bid surgery

REGARDING THE federal courthouse delays: Remember that this is how our government works. All projects are done by the lowest bidder. The next time you start crying for government-run health care, ask yourself: Do you really want your lung transplant done by the lowest bidder?

Get to the bottom

CONTRACT INSPECTORS and periodic inspections are supposed to be involved in every government contract. Our elected officials need to get real answers regarding this gross malfeasance in constructing the new federal courthouse. Talk about an opportunity for good investigative reporting.

Link to history

THE PROPOSED project on County Road 532 is unwarranted at this time. The fact that the county wants to use time, money and labor resources of our National Guard troops on a road that accommodates only minimal traffic displays the inability of our county government to efficiently or equitably set priorities. There are dozens of other county roads that deserve more attention and resources. County Road 532 also might be one of the last roads that serves as a direct link to Missouri's history of settlement. To destroy one of the last possible icons of that era in the name of inefficient progress only highlights county leadership's incompetence.

Focus on positive

INSTEAD OF blaming the government for everything bad that happens (the federal courthouse roof), why doesn't everyone think about the good and positive things it has done. What would our country be without it? Lay off the roof thing. When have you never made a mistake?

Cutting crime

IT'S A wonder we don't have more crime in the United States than what we've got. It's because of our Justice Department. It's because of our judges. They slap a person on the back and give a little fine. But if you get on dope, you get worse than what a murderer would get. If you get a DWI, they turn you loose. If you kill someone, you can get out a lot faster than if you sell dope. If you get a DWI, you get a hardship license. It shouldn't be that way. If you get a DWI, you should have your license taken away for 10 years. If you're caught for dope, go to prison for about 15 years. If you kill someone, get the needle. This stuff is not going to stop until we get some judges who will do their job and do it right.


REGARDING THE article about Project Hope and transitional housing, I would like to offer a personal statement about my experience with Project Hope. Five years ago, as a single mom, I saw a news blip on KFVS regarding the program. I struggled for a while with whether I wanted to be open about how many poor decisions I had made, none of which had included addiction or alcoholism. However, I went to the program and met Denis Rigdon, who connected me with Cape Bible Chapel and Peg and Jerry Pollard. It was a life-changing experience, and every single aspect of my life was filled with encouragement and a support system. It wasn't an easy process. Now I get to mentor others through Project Hope, and I'm so supportive of each and every new idea that Denis Rigdon is creative enough to pursue. I wish the program well.

Roads in creeks

I WAS reading where the county is going to change County Road 532, which is in a flood area and a creek. We have the same problem out in the western part of Cape Girardeau County with County Road 384 and Granney Creek. I wonder if the county is going to change it also.

No signs, please

I CERTAINLY hope that any current city council member who is planning on running for re-election will not put any signs out. If they do, they should not receive one vote. We will see which is more important to them: Cape beautification or being re-elected.

Call for pizza

I'M SURE glad there is pizza delivery. It is too hot to go out and too hot to cook!

Fallen Republican

YET ANOTHER Republican has fallen. Shame on you, Nathan Cooper. You got caught, and you should spend the next 15 years in the big house. Yet I doubt you'll do any time. All you moral, God-fearing Republicans: Go ahead and start defending poor Mr. Cooper. He should step down tomorrow and should not serve until October.

Water for animals

PLEASE REMEMBER our animal friends during this hot spell. Our pets, as well as birds and squirrels, need lots of fresh water daily. Fill a couple shallow bowls and set them around the yard. Remember to empty and fill daily so mosquitoes won't use them for breeding. You will be rewarded.

Food concerns

HOW CAN our public schools take out soda machines and continue to serve corn dogs and nacho chips to my children? We should be just as concerned with fat and sodium as we are with sugar.

Greed, dishonesty

SO THE events of Thursday were all about Nathan Cooper's selfless desire to ensure his client had an adequate work force. How commendable. And his law practice affected his ability to serve? No, Mr. Cooper, there aren't many of us, Democrat or Republican, who will fall for that. What you call overzealousness in my book is greed and dishonesty. And your practice didn't do this to you. You destroyed your practice. Situations like this make me wonder if there is such a thing as a truly ethical lawyer or honest politician. But then I think of state Rep. Scott Lipke and am reassured, knowing that he is both. I wish there were more like him.

Honesty first

WE DO not know the details, but conservative voters will not support any representative who commits a felony. We want our representatives to be honest and legal. Now because Nathan Cooper was a dishonest lawyer, we do not have a representative.

Here's your chance

OK, SPEAK Out callers, there are three Cape Girardeau City Council seats up for grabs. Now let's see you put your complaints to the test.

Part of the family

NO DOGS at the soccer park? We take our dog everywhere we go. He's part of the family. We also take a plastic bag to pick up his doo-doo, and every good dog owner should.

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