Letter to the Editor

Need safety patrol at Bingo World

Thursday, August 9, 2007

To the editor:Last night at Bingo World hundreds players had a chance to spend and win thousands of dollars.

After bingo, players ran to the exit to be one of the first to leave the parking lot. By the time I got inside my car, all vehicles parked behind me were gone. While waiting for a break in traffic, a woman knocked on the window and started asking questions about my car. She glanced at the rear of my sport utility vehicle a couple of times, so I became suspicious, thinking she might be the distraction for an accomplice trying to enter the rear hatch of my SUV.

It was so dark behind my vehicle that I couldn't detect anything when looking in my rearview mirror, so I talked to the girl long enough to get a description. I think she knew I was trapped because other drivers would not allow me to squeeze in.

I'm writing this with safety in mind and to recommend that Bingo World and sponsors such as the Kiwanis, Elks, Notre Dame Regional High School and Optimist Club accept responsibility for providing security patrols in their parking lot and to make safety announcements during bingo halftime.

This incident was reported to Cape Girardeau police, and they agree with having safety features in place by the proprietor. There was no option to leave a message when calling Bingo World.

After bingo, thousands of dollars are going into the parking lot, and the bad guys know it. Be safe. Be watchful. Be a winner.

MILDRED CLARK, Cape Girardeau