Letter to the Editor

MoDOT apology would at least be a good start

Friday, November 14, 2003

To the editor:

Your defense of the Missouri Department of Transportation is very brave. However, MoDOT has no credibility as shown by the gas tax vote failure last year.

Given that we need good roads and the voters have good reason to no longer trust MoDOT, what should the residents of Missouri do?

An apology would be a good start. An apology means that you're sorry that it happened and it won't happen again.

A constitutional amendment requiring that all fuel-tax revenue be spent directly on the roads would be a second item.

Most residents would be amazed at how little of the fuel tax reaches our roads.

If we spent all the fuel tax on the roads, even MoDOT could keep its word and its apology. With that requirement we won't have to require the legislators to mea culpa in the future, if they continue to be tempted to channel our fuel tax to other programs.


Kennett, Mo.