Speak Out 11/11/03

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Take back the party

I'M AN old ex-Democrat who used to vote and even campaign for Democrats like John Kennedy, Stuart Symington, Albert Spradling and Marvin Proffer. These are people who put their country before their party. Did I leave the party? No, the party left me. My old party has been hijacked by the radical left. It has gone from a party that dominated American politics for 50 years to a party that has lost its majority all across the political spectrum and continues to lose. The face of today's Democratic Party can be seen protesting at Freedom Corner or read on the Opinion page spouting their anti-capitalist, socialist rhetoric while using the environment as their vehicle. If you think these people have anything in common with the average American, then I've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell. Come on, Democrats. Take back your party. You'll get me back.

The best of TV

I SO enjoyed CBS's 75th anniversary program. It made me aware of how much of a positive impact it had on my generation: good morals, self-respect, real humor, empathy and love of thy neighbor. These people possessed great talent and above-average intelligence, and they did all with their clothes on. I'm scared for our children and the impact TV has on them today. Parents are doing a great job in censoring their TV programs, but they are running out of choices.

University woes

IT'S TIME that the university administration take responsibility for its mismanagement and extravagance instead of making faculty members pay for it with their careers. When university faculty members must move elsewhere to find positions, they take with them their business. They buy their homes, cars, meals, clothes in that community. They volunteer their time, work on organizations and make donations in that community. It's time for the community to get involved or pay the price.

Eliminate nukes

IT IS wrong to spend $7.5 million to perfect a nuclear bunker-buster bomb. We should be working to eliminate nuclear weapons, not add more.

Parental discipline

TEACHERS ARE there to teach. Unruly children should be ushered to the principal's office. The principal should call the parents to come pick up that unruly student who has been suspended until the parents can assure the principal that they have disciplined that child. When parents discover they will be held responsible for their unruly children, teachers will be able to teach instead of having to use their classroom time as disciplinarians.

Scholarships help

THIS IS in response to the person who said "if people drop out of college because the athletic programs are cut, then they are not there for the correct reasons." Some people are not as fortunate as others, and athletics are the only way they can get to college. It's called a athletic scholarship. Not everyone has a surplus of money to spend on college.

Importance of sports

CAN ANY of you athletics haters name one decent college that doesn't have athletics? That's what I thought. If you're so concerned about how much money the programs spend, why don't you go support a team and help pay for it by buying a ticket? As a college student who is not involved in athletics, I can tell you I would not have came to SEMO if there were no sports.

Swingle's negligence

THERE'S AN old saying: "There but by the grace of God go I." Now Morley Swingle finds himself the "go I" position. No one doubts that he acted without intention to do harm when he gave the gun back to a convicted felon who later used it to kill a young man. But it was grossly negligent. The 16-year-old daughter of my neighbors didn't intend to kill her 13-year-old sister, who was a passenger in the car she was driving when she had an accident two years ago. But that wasn't good enough for Swingle. He prosecuted her and added to this family's grief just two weeks before Christmas. Her level of negligence does not even compare to Swingle's.

Reading in the home

THERE ARE many who cannot read, but I hardly think the teachers are to blame. Most adult nonreaders come from families who cannot read. Therefore, reading is not a priority in that household. Can your child read with comprehension, or does he merely pronounce words?

Gun debate

I AM sick of the gun law debate, especially when you have the prosecutor putting the guns back into the hands of the criminals.

Not the same

I WAS waiting for someone to bring up Notre Dame Regional High School naming its street for school pride and comparing it to Central High School's denial of naming its street. Notre Dame's street is privately owned and the naming of that street doesn't affect any other businesses. Central needs to come up with an original idea of showing school pride.

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