Sunday, November 2, 2003

A vote of confidence

THANK YOU to all of the supporters of high school sports. We appreciate how the newspaper covers the events and how they give us some attention. Thank you for covering the soccer season and keeping the general public how well they are supported. We thank you for everything.

Point taken

I NOTICED two errors in your all-region softball list. Whitney Ostendorf of Notre Dame and Sarah Cook of Delta are juniors and not seniors. Please correct your records for future reference. Thank you.

Salute to Central soccer

I THINK it would be nice if you could write up a story on Central's unbeaten soccer season. That would be a good way to pump them up going into the district.

Cheering on Central

HOW COME Jackson, after its great escape, is half the front page, and there's Notre Dame and Jackson soccer on the front page, but Central has a 22-0 regular season in soccer and they get a little column on the second page? You haven't given Central any attention like that.

Central has had a wonderful season, which we recognized in our Oct. 22 edition with a front-page feature story and two photos.

Chiefs mania

I AM really disappointed that the newspaper showed absolutely nothing regarding the spectacular record of the Chiefs this season. Why? They are a Missouri team also. It's good to read about the Rams, but can we also read about other teams?

We welcome your suggestions, but this brings the count to only two readers this season who have contacted us to request more Chiefs coverage.

The awesomest

MITCH CRAFT is awesome.

Underestimating Jackson

JACKSON FOOTBALL has been underestimated and ignored most of this season. They were not in the SEMO Top 10 poll until beating Central, which was then No. 4 in the poll while Jackson remained No. 5. How is that accurate? It should also be taken into account that Jackson is a Class 5 school unlike other area teams and plays a much harder schedule. Jackson is a tough team, and I don't believe they are given nearly enough credit. Who else can come back from a 28-6 deficit and score three touchdowns in the final seven minutes of a game and win it 34-28? Good job, Indians. Keep up the good work.

A look into the future

I'M THRILLED to see that theOVC coaches have picked Southeast's women's basketball to win the conference.Just think:A few months from now our Otahkians should --if all goes well -- be winning the conference tournament and wrapping up their first-ever trip to the NCAATournament. That would be a milestone for Southeast athletics.

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