Dividing and growing

Sunday, November 2, 2003

With so much bitter division and strife in our world, it is uplifting to see the process unfold in Jackson as the First Baptist Church evolves into two churches. Crossroads is the new church's name.

Baptists, like many other denominations, have a long history of splits that have been less than harmonious. And creating two churches out of one in Jackson wasn't an entirely easy process, or one without its own measure of sadness and pain.

But the overall effort to find positive ways to make such a process meaningful and supportive is a model all churches could benefit from.

Cape Girardeau County has a strong religious fervor that is growing and prospering. New church buildings and new congregations are an indication that attending church and being active in the various missions of each church are crucially important to the people we are proud to call friends and neighbors.

Good luck to First Baptist Church of Jackson and Crossroads as they grow in glory and witness to our communities.

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