Speak Out 11/01/03

Saturday, November 1, 2003

I WOULD like to thank everyone who was involved in the great storytelling at Bollinger Mill on Oct. 24. The storyteller was wonderful, refreshments were great, the hospitality was super and we had a wonderful time. Thanks to all involved.

Supply and demand

THIS IS for faculty members at Southeast Missouri State University who continue to back away at the athletic department regarding budget cuts. Who do you think competes in those uniforms for the university? They're students who are also athletes. Almost 400 students at the university participate as athletes. That doesn't even count the scores of others who are involved in a support role. Let's see if I can figure this out. If we cut the athletic program, that means we cut 500 to 700 students from the university. I wonder how many faculty positions that equates to. I think some of the faculty members at the university need to talk to their colleagues in the economics department and learn a little bit about the fundamental theory of supply and demand.

Retaliate with bombs

OUR TROOPS need help in Iraq. When suicide bombers attack the Israelis, Sharon retaliates. They have started on Syria now where so many of the terrorists live and their leaders have offices in Damascus. I think our country should retaliate with bombing in Iraq and chase them all back to Syria and Israel will take care of them.

Concert critique

MY FRIEND and I were at the Nickelback, Trapt and Three Days Grace concert. We do not recall ever being "rebellious or anger driven" while listening to either of these three perform. We were on the floor the entire time and were surrounded by other teens our age and younger. Our parents, who had never heard of Three Days Grace or Trapt, were in the stands and later said they enjoyed the concert. I do not think it is fair to compare the atmosphere of a country and rock concert. The two are obviously not going to be the same and should not be judged by your own choice of music. Before you bash the lyrics, maybe you should listen to the words of their songs.

Paying for service

I HAVE never worked in the food-service industry, but here are my thoughts on tipping. I believe if you are going out to eat at a nice restaurant, you should be able to spend the extra couple of bucks for a good tip if the service was good. If you are too cheap to put down a nice tip at the table, there are several other establishments where you can save money by serving yourself and thereby eliminating the need for you to extend your generosity for a service that someone provides you.

Simple-minded reasons

WHAT THE Bush White House has to do is stop and ask itself why so many humans are prepared to blow themselves to pieces to do Americans harm. To say that they do it because they hate freedom and democracy is ludicrously simple-minded and empty-headed.

Offensive display

WHILE PAYING a traffic ticket at city hall, I noticed a very disturbing display on the wall beside the teller's desk. It had pictures, cartoons and sayings bashing those against the war in Iraq. Not only did it personally criticize individuals who voiced their opinions, but also an entire group of people who happened to be against Bush on a number of issues. I realize that if this were a business, I could take my business elsewhere. But city hall? This city employee, who is paid by my tax dollars, should take her signs out of plain sight and put them on the wall that is opposite the customer. That way she could look at her hateful signs, and I wouldn't have to. It is time for the mayor and city manager to get the city employees in order, starting with city hall.

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