Letter to the Editor

Children deserve chance no matter what parents do

Saturday, November 1, 2003

To the editor:

I am writing in regard to a Speak Out comment about smoking at Sears Youth Center that said: "If parents would have done their jobs in the first place, these children would not be where they are. And I am sure they have been around far worse than cigarette smoke."

What has this country come to that the public would have the opinion that, because some people haven't done their job as parents, America should write them off? Children all over the world are exposed to cigarettes, drugs, alcohol and various other things. They see it in their schools and on television and hear it on the radio. Even the best of parents cannot control everything their child is exposed to.

The fact that anyone would try to justify doing unsuitable things in front of children, because of their exposure already and because they've "probably seen worse," contributes to the downfall of America and explains why there are so many children in need of assistance.

I have worked with troubled youths and children for years. I have seen children from every walk of life. True, some people fail miserably at parenting their children. Others have been extremely successful in parenting. Most parents are just doing the best job they can. Children in America deserve to be respected no matter what they have had to overcome in their lives.


Kennett, Mo.