Letter to the Editor

Government taking our liberties

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

To the editor:I see the hypocrites (legislators) of Illinois have passed into law a smoking ban with the chief hypocrite (governor) signing on. I remembered a column by Walter Williams (one of the more intelligent people of our planet) some time ago warning that our government, encouraged and prodded by special-interest groups, would be coming after the populists in other areas that should be off limits to their meddling.

Congress' approval rating is several points lower than that of our embattled president. If our president has any points of approval at all, it is above my rating of the legislators, state and federal. Now I know there are good, honest, hard-working people in these hallowed halls from both sides of the aisle, but God knows they are in a distinct minority.

Additionally, and for the record, I do not smoke. My conversion experience at almost 18 years of age in 1943 brought deliverance of a two-pack-per-day habit. My habit was well entrenched, and even though I wanted to be free, I was powerless to break it.

Also, I wonder if our elected hypocrites (legislators) have ever considered the curse of alcoholism? The record speaks for itself. For shame.

Finally the article mentions the consideration of an additional tax of 75 cents per pack making a grand total of $1.75 per pack thievery. Have these people no shame?

Thank you, Southeast Missourian, for giving me an opportunity to speak out. Only God knows how much longer we will be able to voice our opinions.