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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sikeston experts

I HOPE Central High School principal Mike Cowan has consulted or will consult with the area's two leading experts on extending the length of the school day. They are former Sikeston Superintendent, now Southeast Missouri State University instructor, Dr. Robert Buchanan. The other also hails from Sikeston and is the publisher of Sikeston's Standard Democrat, Michael Jensen. Sikeston went through this debate a number of years ago. In my view Buchanan and Jensen emerged as far and away the leading experts on this sometimes contentious issue.

Complete failure

IF YOU think the troop surge is failing, you're either blind or ignorant. The left can't stand it that the surge is working (I know, because I'm in Iraq). The left also can't stand it that the Bush-initiated tax cuts are working (I know, because I'm a middle-class citizen who has benefited). And the left can't stand the fact that the liberal Congress is a complete failure that has failed to pass a single piece of meaningful legislation (I know, because the Democrats have a lower approval rating than President Bush).

Tired of criticism

MISSOURI'S Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has mandated that graduation requirements be increased. An incoming freshman will now need three units of math rather than two like all previous classes. This will only allow for a student to fail one math class and still graduate on time. The lengthened school day and "Tiger Time" is not some dreamed-up, last-minute idea from the principal. The Central High School faculty has devoted hours and hours to developing a plan to better serve all of its students. It is a diversified school. Look at Cape's demographics. Give CHS a break. Its list of successes and accolades far outnumber its failures. The media in this town hate CHS. All you ever hear is the negative. If anyone has a better idea about how to help our students, why not get your teaching certificate, apply for a job and share all of your infinite wisdom with the world of public education in a country where everyone wants to tell teachers how to do our jobs but few will join us to see it through. Not too many people are tough enough to handle it anymore. I'm sick of being criticized.


RUSH LIMBAUGH and other right-wing blowhards should not be limited by reimplementation of the Fairness Doctrine. Rush and his lesser clones ushered in the Republican revolution of years ago. However, people are now so sick of him, Sean Hannity and the others that their rants are counterproductive to their intentions. People are voting Democrat in large part because these troglodytes continue to spew their venom, voters have become wise to them and, as a result, a Democrat counterrevolution is at hand.


I'M AN aspiring politician. I realize that around here the only way to get elected is to be hard-core pro-business, even at the expense of anything and everything else. Therefore, I must agree with the comment that (for the sake of business) promoted the trashing of Cape Girardeau with flimsy and gaudy commercial signs.

Economic sense

THE CURRENT rate of homeownership is at it's highest rate in history. While there's also a record number of foreclosures, that statistic is also linked to the fact that minority homeownership rates are the highest in history, which also relates to the fact that minorities have the highest foreclosure rate. The bottom line is that the economy is good, but personal choices are not always linked to common sense.

Purse returned

MY MOTHER left her purse in the cart at Schnucks. A nice, young woman, Kimberly Adelson, not only found the purse and called us, but she delivered it to my elderly mother. She would not accept a reward and instead said she hoped someone would do the same for her someday.

Small business

OUR CITY council does not listen to its constituents. The council members all have the Republican mentality that trickle-down economics works. An example is the tax incentive to Missouri Builders and NARS on the premise that NARS will hire 600 people who will spend their paychecks in Cape Girardeau, generating sales-tax revenue for the city coffers. This council and the chamber of commerce do not promote small business because they think we do not generate enough of the trickle-down effect. But just as another comment pointed out, when the burden of doing business in this town outweighs the benefits, there will be a migration to other towns. Jackson will be a lot more attractive when the interchange is completed.

Library access

THE PAST two semesters students at Southeast Missouri State University have had to go a side entrance of the library, which was once a loading dock. They have to dodge traffic and watch for broken glass. That entrance is not handicap accessible. There is not even a place for students to walk to get there. This is silly when there is another entrance from inside the library, which is much more convenient and safe. It should not be dangerous and inconvenient to pick up textbooks.

Message movies

I FINALLY got to view Michael Moore's documentary "Sicko." Wow! What a movie. Every American should see how the U.S. medical system is compared to Canada, Britain and Cuba. It is amazing how conservatives continue to criticize socialized health care when it has worked so well in many other modern countries. Please see "Sicko," then rent "An Inconvenient Truth." These are two issues that all Americans should be concerned with.

Soldier's back

PLEASE STOP using soldiers as political volleyballs. If we didn't want to be a part of this war on terror, we wouldn't have volunteered. If we don't agree with the war, we can each make a personal decision to face the consequences of refusing to honor our sworn oath. Those of you on the Left need to stop whining about how you've shed enough tears for us. If you don't agree with the war, make a case on your own merits, not on my back.

School progress

KUDOS TO Nell Holcomb School District for managing its budget so well. Progress is not cheap, and $2.3 million dollars is big money for a small district. Pay attention, voters. This new construction will go forward without a tax increase. That's what an effective school board can do. First hire great administrators, then commit to one goal: student success.

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