Make a difference

Friday, October 31, 2003

There is something satisfying and uplifting about a day devoted to doing something good. Hundreds of people in Southeast Missouri could feel good about themselves after last Saturday's Make a Difference Day, which is sponsored nationally by USA Weekend, the Sunday magazine in the Southeast Missourian and hundreds of other newspapers.

Individuals, groups and organizations found ways to help their neighbors and their neighborhoods during Make a Difference Day. They painted a mural, gathered cleaning supplies and hygiene products, cleaned up a city, spent time with the elderly, promoted literacy and raised money for worthy causes. And much, much more.

Other groups are planning their own Make a Difference Day projects for different days, and their efforts will be just as appreciated as those on the official day.

Helping someone else is still just about the best thing anyone can do. There are a good many Southeast Missourians who know the feeling.

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