Speak Out 10/30/03

Thursday, October 30, 2003

MARK BLISS: Your columns are good and fun to read. They are about family life today.

Too big a risk

TO THE person who said that just because a student points his finger like a gun doesn't mean he's going to act on it: You're right, but it doesn't mean he won't either. I would not be willing to take that chance with my child or loved ones who worked at the school. If you would take that chance, then maybe you should check your priorities. I applaud the school's decision.

Be considerate

AS AN employee of one of Cape Girardeau's large retail stores I would like to make a comment on behalf of all retail workers. Please show us some respect. If you pick something up, put it back. No store can have everything all of the time, and when something is out of stock it's not the employees' fault. Try to remember that people who work in these stores have families too. We all want to get home just like everyone else. There is no reason to browse for half an hour after the store closes. It's inconsiderate.

Getting in our pockets

THIS IS a reply to the server who felt restaurant customers were tipping less than 15 or 20 percent. It could be that some of your customers feel as I do. Your employer, the owner of the restaurant, should be paying you a normal wage. I do not understand why, in this day and age, restaurants do not operate by the same standards as other service businesses. Your employer is charging us, his customers, full price for our food, but we are still expected to pay an additional amount to the server who is in his employ. The restaurant owner is making enough to pay you a fair wage. Most servers do a good job and should be rewarded for that, but the reward should come from your employer. It's about time that this country change it's thoughts concerning this way of getting into our pocket even more.

Get a real job

THIS IS for all the servers at our area restaurants. I can't understand your concept of tipping. Why should the public have to help pay your wages? After spending $50 for a family of four, 10 percent should be more than enough for your good service. If you want more money, get a real job.

Big undertaking

HAVING BEEN born in Liverpool, I favor making all Americans speak English. As an English speaker myself, I find it very nearly impossible to make myself understood when speaking my mother tongue in this country. Nobody knows what to do when I ask them to turn down the telly. When I tell some Nancy to ring me up bye the bye, they think they are supposed to come to my house and pull the doorbell. When I ask a mechanic to get the flat out of the boot, he just stares at me like some kind of witless wanker. I can't find any store that sells petrol. And except whilst you are going around your poorly designed roundabout, you always drive on the wrong side of the road. Speak English? Right. But could you afford such a massive works program?

Blame your boss

WHEN I buy a TV, I look at quality and price, but I don't tip the salesperson. Servers should blame their bosses for not sharing profits with you. Tell your boss you shouldn't have to rely on donations to make your salary.

Still gridlocked

TIGER PRIDE Drive would be an excellent choice to rename the portion of Silver Springs Road that runs in front of Central High School. However, as a modern day Shakespeare might caution, "A road by any other name would remain as jammed."

Nothing is trickling

HERE IS something that doesn't make sense at all. Our economy has been in the can for two years. We have people suffering right here in our own country. We are preparing to send $87 billion to Iraq to rebuild that country. Nothing ever trickles down to the middle class or poor, and the rich keep getting richer.

Draft changes minds

THE 61 PERCENT of college students who support President Bush would plunge with the reinstitution of a no-college-deferment draft.

Speak up for academics

WHAT IS most disturbing about the so-called fiscal crisis at SEMO is the failure of even one person among the bloated administrative staff to speak out on behalf of academic programs. In the sycophantic administrative culture that dominates SEMO there are no teachers, only educrats. This is one reason SEMO will continue to fall further behind regional competitors like Southwest and Truman State.

Parents need classes

AS A teacher I have come to realize this important fact: If we had the parents three days a week and their children two days a week, academic progress and testing data would soar.

Protect the money

WHY COULDN'T at least a percentage of child-support payments be put into a trust fund or college fund for the children? I know some people who don't put the money toward the children. Could such a fund be possible at all?

A stupid mistake

I JUST read where they acquitted Jerry Self. If I had been on the jury, I would not have convicted him either. It was a stupid mistake he made -- if he did it, but it sure didn't warrant 14 felonies that would have sent him to prison.

Tipping rationale

TIPPING IS something that I really don't know exactly how I feel. It doesn't take a server any longer to serve a $50 dinner than it does to serve a $15 dinner. So why should the percentage be based on the bill? I think it should be more on the person or the quality of service.

Restored houses

KUDOS TO those people who have been restoring those big, beautiful, old houses in Burfordville. They just look wonderful. I'm glad to see there are some people who still love American houses and all that great stuff because it's just nice to know that there's somebody out there who still appreciates that old stuff.

Take what you get

THERE ARE some people who like to go out to eat but can barely afford to pay the high menu prices. Yet servers want us to pay their salaries. You get what you deserve or you get what the person can afford and let it go.

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