Fan Speak 7/22/07

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Honor Shumate, too

I THINK it's a shame that they're not inducting former coach Ron Shumate in with the 1985-86 basketball team to the Southeast Missouri State Athletic Hall of Fame. Ron Shumate built that basketball program at Southeast Missouri and was the best coach they ever had and will ever have. It's a disgrace not to honor him as well as the team because if it wasn't for Shumate, they wouldn't have had that great team. I guess the faculty at Southeast forgets who packed the Show Me Center and Houck Field House for all the basketball games. Look what they've got now.

(Shumate is being inducted as the coach of the 1985-86 team, but not as an individual.)

Winning coverage

THANK YOU all for the wonderful news coverage of the Lassies Classic. We enjoyed reviewing the day through the paper.

More Shumate support

I WAS just reading in the paper that the 1985-86 men's basketball team was going to be inducted to the Hall of Fame for Southeast Missouri State. I was wondering why coach Ron Shumate was also not inducted. If it wouldn't have been for Shumate, they wouldn't have had that basketball team and that season.

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