Speak Out 7/22/07

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fishy environment

IF AL Gore's movie on global warming or his Live Earth concert series left you feeling warm and cozy about his status as an environmentalist, think again. He served Chilean sea bass at his daughter's wedding. Chilean sea bass is one of the most threatened fish species in the world. Talk about saying one thing and doing another.

Won't roll over

IF DENNIS McDonald at The Mattress Guy had taken his sign down, his business most likely would have been destroyed. The sign that cost him more than $6,000 will not be any more effective than the banner he was forced to take down. Dennis tried working with the city to get a permit for a sign that the city would approve. Tim Morgan, the director of inspections, delayed the permitting process by never denying the permit or permitting it. Then Dennis began receiving summonses. What was he supposed to do? Roll over and play dead?

Park recommendations

I WAS in the audience during the recent park advisory board meeting. I was concerned and disturbed at how the Southeast Missourian turned the meeting into more of a conflict. Before the reporter arrived, a serious group of individuals discussed, in a positive manner, their charge given by the city council to evaluate the city park system and make suggestions for upkeep and improvements. They, along with parks director Dan Muser, only want what is best for Cape Girardeau and the future of our town. They are not in conflict with the city council as suggested by the reporter, but attempting to do a task assigned to them by the council. The growth of Cape is directly influenced by the parks system, available public services, the school system and housing. The parks board is doing its job. It is right on target with its recommendations.

Students need a break

WHAT THE Central High School principal is proposing is absurd. Taking away Tiger Time and extending the school day is an unreal expectation. Adults work an 8-hour day at any given job and get a full 1-hour break during their 8-hour shift. But we are expecting children to attend school all day without a break? This is absurd. Teens deserve the same 1-hour break that adults receive. Surely what the principal is proposing would only cause more stress on teens, as though they don't have enough stress.

Housing needs

PEOPLE WITH problems need housing. Our community must work to address homelessness. East Missouri Action Agency has nearly 1,400 individuals on a waiting list for supported housing, while nearby communities like Paducah provide supported housing for 10 percent of the population. That would cover almost 4,000 people in Cape Girardeau if the same level of support were in place. Landlords rent and maintain properties. Neighbors have to hold their neighbors accountable for actions that are not proper or beneficial for society. A community working together would get everyone together and address a community problem or get all the neighbors together to discuss a perceived neighborhood problem.

Take responsibility

REGARDING THE statutory rape story: I have both a teenage son and a teenage daughter. While I feel bad for the family of the 14-year-old girl, their biggest problem is that she lied, chose to have sex and wants to pass the blame to someone else. She needs to take responsibility for her actions. Girls today look older and dress older, and it's hard to tell how old they actually are. If they lie, why should the person being lied to be held accountable?

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