Speak Out 10/29/03

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

THE ATTACKS on the Limbaugh family both surprise and sadden me. I'm just an average person. At a time when I needed both legal advice and compassion, I received both from a member of the Limbaugh family. For a family like the Limbaughs -- who have done so many acts of kindness over the years, have sought no public recognition for those acts and have shown great loyalty to friends and acquaintances -- to be so unmercifully attacked because of Rush Limbaugh's problem is just plain sad.

Caring involvement

THIS IS in regard to the comment "Counselors are vital." Grade-school counselors were not employed when I went to school. Teachers did the testing, and sometimes the students graded each others' papers. We have every right to be involved in the public school's curriculum. I am involved in school and care about what goes on. Please don't forget that.

No need for surprise

I DON'T see why Morley Swingle is so surprised that Jerry Self was acquitted. These underage kids who were drinking at the bonfire party are being raised by parents who said in the paper that they weren't too concerned, because they did them too. These are kids who, within days after the bonfire party where several persons were injured, were quoted in the Southeast Missourian as saying they went to another party just a week later and drank. You have to know they don't have a whole lot of sense. All of those kids should have been prosecuted for underage drinking, and that should have been the end of it.

Right to criticize

AN EDUCATOR said teachers don't tell us how to run our business, and we shouldn't tell them how to teach. We have every right to tell educators how to run their business. We pay school taxes. When educators start paying taxes to finance our businesses, then they can tell us what to do. We have every right to criticize and give our opinions as long as we pay taxes.

Undependable support

I WAS once in a situation where I had to apply for food stamps. Based on my income, I qualified to receive food stamps. When the child support I received the month before was added in, I didn't qualify. I don't know all the rules of the system, but how can you depend on receiving child support every month?

Let Iraqis choose

I DON'T know what we're doing in Iraq, trying to build a democracy. It is obvious that these people do not want us to be there. That is their country, and they have the right to have whatever kind of government they want. Iraq is being destroyed from within because there is not enough money for education, culture, roads, infrastructure or anything else.

Adultery isn't funny

There's nothing fun about adultery. I'm sure almost anybody knows someone who's had someone who's cheated on them in their lives.

Using outsiders

OUR ELECTED officials in Cape Girardeau seem to forget who put them in office. They should be going out of their way to find ways to use people in local businesses to satisfy the city's needs. If the city needs a consultant to buy insurance, why wouldn't it use an insurance consultant from Cape? If the city needs office supplies, maybe it should look to an office-supply company from Cape. If the city needs a new truck, why not look to a dealership from Cape? If the city council continues to use people and supplies from outside our city, then maybe taxpayers should look for a mayor and council members from outside the city.

No diet drinks, please

I AM a full-figured woman with a caffeine addiction and a sensitivity to artificial sweeteners, which give me migraines. When I go to restaurants where the tea is not particularly good, I order soda. More times than I care to count, the server will reply to my request for Coke with the question "Diet Coke?" Coke and Diet Coke are two different products. So why do restaurant servers feel the need to clarify my already very clear request? Is this because I am carrying more pounds than I should? These same servers never ask my boyfriend when he orders a beer if he meant a light beer. I have a tip for servers: When a large customer orders a regular soda, that's what he or she wants. Don't question the choice.

No money for tip

THIS IS to the server who comments about tip. I tip if the service is worth it, but there are times where I may not have the extra money for the tip. No money, no tip. Sorry.

Not the worst thing

SEARS YOUTH Center has a designated smoking area which is used by the staff. If parents would have done their jobs in the first place, these children would not be where they are. And I am sure they have been around far worse than cigarette smoke.

University cutting

TO THE caller who wants a change of leaders at SEMO: Right on, starting with the regents who just gave Ken Dobbins, the university president, a raise because they were worried he might leave. As an accountant, Dobbins should have been able to do a much better job and the university should not have to cut student programs. The school can survive and even thrive without athletics or a River Campus. But how will it survive without qualified professors and a variety of majors? Those are the reasons paying students choose schools.

Welcome to our world

MARK BLISS, welcome to the real world of the stressed and strained lives of the person named Mom.

Blame the president

PEOPLE IN Southeast Missouri just don't get it. Every day in Speak Out someone complains about the lack of state funds. They blame the governor, the university president, Democrats and reckless spending, All state-funded institutions rely on state income, which is generated by taxpayers. Most of the taxes the state obtains is revenue earned from everyday purchases. When the state finds itself in a budget crisis, it's the result of fewer consumer purchases. Low purchases are the result of people not buying, which is due to people not making enough money because of tough economic times. President Bush has decided to put this nation more into debt. The lack of funds in Missouri is not the fault of any governor but it goes all the way up to the president who spends money faster than any Democrat ever known. At least Democrats spend money on their own people.

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