Speak Out 7/20/07

Friday, July 20, 2007

Potholes at pool

I WOULD like to know who is responsible for the parking lot at Central Junior High School. The potholes near the pool are so bad they are becoming a danger to vehicles. There are often functions there where every space is needed. I'm afraid a lawsuit may be filed one of these days if the problem isn't rectified. This has been getting worse. So many people from out of town come for various functions. It certainly doesn't leave a nice name for our city.

Students' safety

I AM retired and often take evening classes at Southeast Missouri State University for my personal enjoyment. It is virtually impossible to find a parking place that is suitable. Often I have to walk some distance to my car after dark, and I am apprehensive about my safety. How unfair to fine college students such exorbitant fines when there's a lack of parking spaces. Their safety and importance to our community should be of paramount importance. I think the city council's lack of consideration and judgment is appalling.


CORN FARMERS might love ethanol, but ethanol is the reason our milk prices are going so high. I don't know what people are thinking of, I really don't. This seems to be an Earth full of fools.

Losing letters

I DRIVE by the new federal courthouse every day on my way to work. I've noticed that several of the letters are missing on the signage at Frederick and Independence streets. As much money as that building cost, the contractor could have found a better way to put those letters on there.

Flowers were no joke

IF YOU are married for only a few months and your husband sends you roses at work, do you act like it's a big joke or do you treat it like a romantic gesture and call a baby sitter? It's an interesting question. My ex-wife chose the first option. Think about that.

No on new taxes

HAVEN'T THE voters in Cape Girardeau had enough taxes shoved down their throats? These rapid-fire tax increases come so fast you can't keep up with them. Who in his right mind would give the city council permission to continue these methods of picking our pockets? If it's voter apathy, you deserve to pay higher taxes. I urge you to go to the polls and vote no on any new tax proposal.

Unreadable plaque

IT'S SUNDAY afternoon. I'm at the new river overlook where the old bridge was on the Mississippi River. The plaque that has been placed denoting the people who gave money to put lights on the new bridge is beautiful. It's an outstanding plaque with a lot of names. I know everybody in Cape Girardeau truly appreciates this. The only problem is you can't read the plaque, because it's too flat. Please redo the plaque so you can read it when you're standing in front of it.

Desperate terrorists

PERHAPS al-Qaida's hurting worse than people realize. If they're recruiting 14-year-olds, it says to me they're getting desperate.

Causing pain

BRIAN KINDER, convicted rapist and killer, says his doctors say he needs to be released because of his illness. Who are these doctors, and why wasn't the Southeast Missourian allowed to interview them? His pain can't be any worse than what he caused a vibrant young woman and her family. He is getting free food, room, board and medical attention. What more does he want? His choice put him there. Many on the outside don't have these things and certainly can't afford free medical care.

Thanks for wallet

I want to thank the woman who returned my husband's wallet. She even picked up the change in the parking lot and returned it intact. We were so appreciative and wanted to say thank you. God bless you.

No leniency

CAPITAL PUNISHMENT is woefully underused. People think they can do things and not have any responsibility. Sunday's story about the convict on death row seeking a medical parole is a prime example. This man was convicted of rape and murder and thinks that he should be set free to spend his last days outside. There is no reason for him to be released into the world, I don't care if it's into a hospital facility. He has not served his time. He was sentenced to death, so he should not be let go for any reason at all. If this man is released, it will be a miscarriage of justice.

Dashed character

A COMMENT praised Hillary Clinton for her great character. I watched her and John Edwards on TV in front of a microphone they thought was off planning to get rid of the rest of the Democratic candidates. Now other Democratic candidates want an apology from this two-faced politician. She and her husband are for themselves.

Students need time

I BELIEVE the idea of having school extended an hour is crazy for many reasons. If the high school principal thinks it will help the dropout rate, he is way off. It will only push these students out of school. They're already overwhelmed. Taking away the only 15 minutes during the day they have to collect their thoughts is cruel. I ask parents and grandparents to take time and send your thoughts to Speak Out. These children are human beings who need time to relax and be children once in a while, not to be used as an experiment to lower the dropout rate.

Thanks for key

I WOULD like to thank Chris, who works at Coad Toyota. I locked my keys in my car on a parking lot, and there was no way I could get in the car. A man came from the Toyota dealer and spent over an hour making a key so I could get back in my car. I don't know what I would have done without it. Thanks again to Chris and to his boss and everybody at Toyota. They were so nice to me.

City spending

THIS IS in response to the city having to raise fees because of the new minimum wage. Cape Girardeau leaders should stop trying to beautify the riverfront and bring in tourists and make scenic overlooks over the river and spending all our money on silly things and use the money that we have to pay the workers to fix the streets. Use the money we have for the things we need, not frivolous things.

Can't afford it

MIKE KEEFE'S ideas for parks and storm-water improvements sound great, and he is a terrific salesman. But he doesn't have to foot the bill for his ideas. We taxpayers will. I have some great plans for my home and property, but I know I will have to pay for it. Considering the direction of the economy, I can't afford it.

Sure-fire dropout

ONE SURE way to influence a teenager who is struggling to quit school is to add an extra hour to the day and take away free time.

Remember the victim

I FEEL sorry for the man on death row at Potosi Correctional Center who's dying of cancer. He says he can't breathe and can't eat. Neither can his victim whom he raped and murdered.

Need lunch break

I WANT to make a comment about the high school principal's proposal for a longer school day. Adults who work an eight-hour shift get a one-hour lunch to do whatever they wish. No adult would take a job that doesn't allow him to have a lunch break, not to mention smoking breaks. Yet we expect children to go to school, work and study hard all day and don't give them a proper lunch break where they can rest and relax for a few minutes.

Gum poppers

I HATE to see people who are always chomping, blowing, smacking and popping gum. They have no idea how disgusting this looks. It is unprofessional to apply for a job while cracking gum. I think gum chewing is more gross than lighting up a cigarette. I'd rather step on a cigarette butt than chewed gum.

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