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Speak Out 7/20/07

Friday, July 20, 2007

Potholes at pool

I WOULD like to know who is responsible for the parking lot at Central Junior High School. The potholes near the pool are so bad they are becoming a danger to vehicles. There are often functions there where every space is needed. I'm afraid a lawsuit may be filed one of these days if the problem isn't rectified. This has been getting worse. So many people from out of town come for various functions. It certainly doesn't leave a nice name for our city.

Students' safety

I AM retired and often take evening classes at Southeast Missouri State University for my personal enjoyment. It is virtually impossible to find a parking place that is suitable. Often I have to walk some distance to my car after dark, and I am apprehensive about my safety. How unfair to fine college students such exorbitant fines when there's a lack of parking spaces. Their safety and importance to our community should be of paramount importance. I think the city council's lack of consideration and judgment is appalling.


CORN FARMERS might love ethanol, but ethanol is the reason our milk prices are going so high. I don't know what people are thinking of, I really don't. This seems to be an Earth full of fools.

Losing letters

I DRIVE by the new federal courthouse every day on my way to work. I've noticed that several of the letters are missing on the signage at Frederick and Independence streets. As much money as that building cost, the contractor could have found a better way to put those letters on there.

Flowers were no joke

IF YOU are married for only a few months and your husband sends you roses at work, do you act like it's a big joke or do you treat it like a romantic gesture and call a baby sitter? It's an interesting question. My ex-wife chose the first option. Think about that.

No on new taxes

HAVEN'T THE voters in Cape Girardeau had enough taxes shoved down their throats? These rapid-fire tax increases come so fast you can't keep up with them. Who in his right mind would give the city council permission to continue these methods of picking our pockets? If it's voter apathy, you deserve to pay higher taxes. I urge you to go to the polls and vote no on any new tax proposal.

Unreadable plaque

IT'S SUNDAY afternoon. I'm at the new river overlook where the old bridge was on the Mississippi River. The plaque that has been placed denoting the people who gave money to put lights on the new bridge is beautiful. It's an outstanding plaque with a lot of names. I know everybody in Cape Girardeau truly appreciates this. The only problem is you can't read the plaque, because it's too flat. Please redo the plaque so you can read it when you're standing in front of it.

Desperate terrorists

PERHAPS al-Qaida's hurting worse than people realize. If they're recruiting 14-year-olds, it says to me they're getting desperate.

Causing pain

BRIAN KINDER, convicted rapist and killer, says his doctors say he needs to be released because of his illness. Who are these doctors, and why wasn't the Southeast Missourian allowed to interview them? His pain can't be any worse than what he caused a vibrant young woman and her family. He is getting free food, room, board and medical attention. What more does he want? His choice put him there. Many on the outside don't have these things and certainly can't afford free medical care.

Thanks for wallet

I want to thank the woman who returned my husband's wallet. She even picked up the change in the parking lot and returned it intact. We were so appreciative and wanted to say thank you. God bless you.

No leniency

CAPITAL PUNISHMENT is woefully underused. People think they can do things and not have any responsibility. Sunday's story about the convict on death row seeking a medical parole is a prime example. This man was convicted of rape and murder and thinks that he should be set free to spend his last days outside. There is no reason for him to be released into the world, I don't care if it's into a hospital facility. He has not served his time. He was sentenced to death, so he should not be let go for any reason at all. If this man is released, it will be a miscarriage of justice.

Dashed character

A COMMENT praised Hillary Clinton for her great character. I watched her and John Edwards on TV in front of a microphone they thought was off planning to get rid of the rest of the Democratic candidates. Now other Democratic candidates want an apology from this two-faced politician. She and her husband are for themselves.

Students need time

I BELIEVE the idea of having school extended an hour is crazy for many reasons. If the high school principal thinks it will help the dropout rate, he is way off. It will only push these students out of school. They're already overwhelmed. Taking away the only 15 minutes during the day they have to collect their thoughts is cruel. I ask parents and grandparents to take time and send your thoughts to Speak Out. These children are human beings who need time to relax and be children once in a while, not to be used as an experiment to lower the dropout rate.

Thanks for key

I WOULD like to thank Chris, who works at Coad Toyota. I locked my keys in my car on a parking lot, and there was no way I could get in the car. A man came from the Toyota dealer and spent over an hour making a key so I could get back in my car. I don't know what I would have done without it. Thanks again to Chris and to his boss and everybody at Toyota. They were so nice to me.

City spending

THIS IS in response to the city having to raise fees because of the new minimum wage. Cape Girardeau leaders should stop trying to beautify the riverfront and bring in tourists and make scenic overlooks over the river and spending all our money on silly things and use the money that we have to pay the workers to fix the streets. Use the money we have for the things we need, not frivolous things.

Can't afford it

MIKE KEEFE'S ideas for parks and storm-water improvements sound great, and he is a terrific salesman. But he doesn't have to foot the bill for his ideas. We taxpayers will. I have some great plans for my home and property, but I know I will have to pay for it. Considering the direction of the economy, I can't afford it.

Sure-fire dropout

ONE SURE way to influence a teenager who is struggling to quit school is to add an extra hour to the day and take away free time.

Remember the victim

I FEEL sorry for the man on death row at Potosi Correctional Center who's dying of cancer. He says he can't breathe and can't eat. Neither can his victim whom he raped and murdered.

Need lunch break

I WANT to make a comment about the high school principal's proposal for a longer school day. Adults who work an eight-hour shift get a one-hour lunch to do whatever they wish. No adult would take a job that doesn't allow him to have a lunch break, not to mention smoking breaks. Yet we expect children to go to school, work and study hard all day and don't give them a proper lunch break where they can rest and relax for a few minutes.

Gum poppers

I HATE to see people who are always chomping, blowing, smacking and popping gum. They have no idea how disgusting this looks. It is unprofessional to apply for a job while cracking gum. I think gum chewing is more gross than lighting up a cigarette. I'd rather step on a cigarette butt than chewed gum.

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RE: Potholes at pool

Drive across parking lots slower? Would you rather see improved city streets or improved parking lots?

RE: Students' safety

Why in Sam Hill are you taking classes for enjoyment? Why waste your time and money? Can't walk to your car at night: GROW SOME sporting equipment.

RE: Corn-foolery

Ethanol has a place fueling vehicles. Several people that I know have converted and TUNED their cars to run on E85--and they achieve better gas mileage with E85. It can be done, but at a cost, unfortunately. I don't think that anyone can argue that ethanol has a good octane rating--average of about 105 on the Anti-Knock Index scale which takes into account combustion with variable compression (RON) and variable load (MON).

RE: Losing letters

Government job.

RE: Flowers were no joke

This does not qualify as a Speak Out, Mr. Editor!

RE: No on new taxes

I'd like to see this person do something about it.

RE: Desperate terrorists

We're going to be own3d.

RE: Thanks for wallet

Waste of ink, Mr. Editor.

RE: No leniency

Right on. If someone is sentenced to death, my tax dollars demand that I hear of the convicted's demise that very same day.

RE: Dashed character

Again, politics is a waste of time and money.

RE: Students need time

You have to try something. Mike Cowan has a very advanced and thought out idea here. His proposal encourages youth to work hard so they achieve rewards--something that is very desirable in the actual world.

RE: Thanks for key

Waste of ink, Mr. Editor. You have to be pretty stupid to lock your keys in your car.

RE: City spending

Do you actually think that our city officials have any clue on fixing our roads? To reach today's stringent building codes, Cape Girardeau must, at a minimum, pulverize all of the existing concrete pavements to create a good base for an appropriate asphalt overlay. And I'm talking about the vast, vast majority of city streets. Just look at the "recent" reconditioning of Broadway between McDonald's and Caruther's Avenue--it's the same as it's always been, albeit with four lanes. Don't forget about Mt. Auburn Road, especially around the Indepenence Street intersection. If you like good roads, you picked the wrong community.

RE: Can't afford it

That bill reminds me of the fire tax. Just vote "NO"; even though it doesn't do anything.

RE: Sure-fire dropout

Struggling at high school? I have no schema for this.

RE: Remember the victim

Potosi? Slow news day?

RE: Need lunch break

Absolutely. Open lunches were fantastic at the old high school, but they are not feasible at the new one. Talk to the Drury's about new fast food restaurants and talk to the school board about open lunches. Good luck!

RE: Gum poppers

Admit it; you hate smokers too, don't you?

-- Posted by ynot on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 1:06 AM

Re: Students' safety

Parking at SEMO has been a problem for a long time, but the majority of students have learned to grin and bare it. If you continue to take classes at the college, and Kudos to you for doing so, I would suggest that you make arrangements with DPS to be escorted to your car after dark. I know that they did this in the past.

The students that I believe that are the target of the new parking fines are much like the one I met while working at the college. This young man confessed to me that in only one semester he had received over $1,500 in parking fines. His explanations for these fines were that he had a $2,000 stereo system in his car and that no one was going to steal it from him even if it meant parking in a handicap spot. He went on to explain that his father who was footing the bill was very unhappy but he didn't care because he still had his stereo. When I suggested that if my child had received that many parking violations they wouldn't have to worry about it because they would no longer have a car to drive, his response was that he felt sorry for my children. I felt sorry for his father.

-- Posted by popper on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 2:02 AM

Mikey J.... I do think you are a crazy moron. I think you are a liar to say that the General told you these things. If you really had a tape of the General saying this you would do more with this information than put it in the speakout blog. I spent a year in Iraq and spent a considerable amount of time at the prison. First, Karpinski didn't know her hind end from a hole in the wall. That is why she got relieved from her command and forced to retire. Second, you are calling the elected officials, Iraqi police, and Iraqi army legitimate targets...... in my mind that makes you a supporter of terrorism. Bush gave the name Al-qaeda to this group in Iraq? They have their own web sites that identify themselves as Al-qaeda in Iraq. They named themselves. Do you really believe that our government flew the jets into the towers to build support to attack Muslims? Something is not right in your head my friend. You are crazy, a liar, and a coward. I know you in your twisted mind will call me a coward as well (I'm sure I'm a baby killer in your mind) The American military does everything in its power to protect civilians there. We sat outside of Fallujah for a month telling everyone to get out while the fighters fortified their positions and wired the city with explosives. It would have been easier to just go in and take the city before they were ready. We beg for the chance to get these "freedom fighters" to stop hiding behind the women and children of Iraq and to face us. They won't do it.

-- Posted by elcodirksfan on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 6:47 AM

The comment about improved car mileage with E85, you're blowing smoke, I tried it for over 4 months, never E85 again. Lost 100 miles per fillup.

-- Posted by changedname on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 7:02 AM

Yes I Do!!!!! Smoking Kills!!!!!!!!!

-- Posted by CommonCentsGal on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 7:39 AM

For those of you opposed to an increase in the hours of the school day: The students in countries such as Japan, Germany, India, and other developed nations spend way more time in classrooms than do American students. It is not hard to connect the dots to see why those students do better academically than do Americans. They work hard and earn it. If we don't change our way of thinking, America will be nothing more than a third world nation by the year 2100.

-- Posted by nolongerlivingthere on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 8:29 AM


Michael: When are we all meeting for lunch?


=Students' safety=

If you ever have to walk back to your car after class after dark and are apprehensive about doing so, call DPS on campus and ask for an escort. They are a great group of guys, and always willing to help folks out.


Ethanol's only purpose is to help break the Arab stranglehold on our economy. It's no more economical that oil. Hemp oil on the other hand....

=Losing letters=

I wondered is it was vandalism... hmm..

=Flowers were no joke=

Maybe you shouldn't have signed the card "Finneus J. Whifflebottom"

=Desperate terrorists=

Purhaps their strength is a government lie considering that they keep releasing 5 year old tapes of Bin Laden claiming that they are new. But I guess from a "I only get my news from listening to Rush" stand point, I guess they are new.

=Dashed character=

Sounds like every politician, EVER.

=Students need time=

Why are students not attending class 12 months out of the year? Last time I checked, we are no longer an agrarian society.

=Sure-fire dropout=

The country needs more dropouts. Who else is going to occupy the the job strata that people don't seem to understand that immigrant workers fill? Also, I need highschool dropouts to flip my burgers, change my oil, clean my gutters, etc. Dropouts make my money and time more valuable!

=Gum poppers=

Gum used to be outlawed in Singapore for that very reason.

-- Posted by Tarantulas on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 8:56 AM

Who ever Michael J. Ballou is they should start their own blog and quit taking up space and time on these comments.

-- Posted by Retired93 on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 9:11 AM

NEW SONG! - Subsidized Ethanol Blues

Saturday, 05 May 2007


Whatever became of the conservative principle of letting the free enterprise system develop new technologies? Why are so many people so interested in getting into the business? Government subsidies, perhaps? Surely not! Remember the euphoria over coal gasification and shale back in the 1970's and the billions of dollars wasted on plants now sitting idle? What is past is definitely prologue, and the entire scheme does not pass the smell test to me.

Sit back and enjoy SUBSIDIZED ETHANOL BLUES (mp3), newly created and recorded just last night in the wilds of Webster County....

-- Posted by streams4future on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 9:25 AM

I agree with Retired93.

I think the SEMissourian needs to give MJB his OWN blog. Heck every other T,D, & H seems to have a blog on here.

GIVE MJB HIS OWN BLOG!!! Who's with me? I am officially launching the campaign to get MJB his own blog on the SEMissourian website. He gets to choose his topics and blog till he can blog no more.

-- Posted by Rodney King on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 9:34 AM

Is there enough corn for Bush ethanol plan?

Booming demand is straining production, pushing prices higher.


-- Posted by streams4future on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 9:40 AM

Re:Capital Punishment

I know this is a very touchy subject for

everyone.Fact is folks it does not work!

Even years ago when hanging was a public

picnic and gathering of the towns people,

the murder rate steadily increased.Today we

have one of the highest murder rates on the planet.Now,some would say we need to administer the punishment within hours of the

sentence and broadcast it nation wide.I guarantee that if that were to occur there would be such a public out cry, Capital Punishment would be abolished .Many will quote the Bible("EYE FOR AN EYE)and some would argue that was the old Testiment and we were living under the "Law".

Today we are saved by "Grace".Again a touchy subject same as religion and politics.I am undecided on the issue although I wonder if two wrongs make things right.Most civilized

countries do not except capital punishment but then most countries don't expeirence hundreds of murders each day.Should this convicted individual be allowed to exit prison because he is deathly sick...NO!

Should we execute him?,pobably not.,

-- Posted by GREYWOLF on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 9:42 AM


I am free all next week. I saw we set it for Tuesday at noon and whoever can be there shows.

-- Posted by Tarantulas on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 10:13 AM

I agree with Rodney King on this one.MJB does need his own blog, so we all can have the space to read some comments acually WORTH reading.I've said it before & I'm going to say it again MJB needs a job or he needs to go to rehab,for his drinking problem & babbeling on this speakout blog.

-- Posted by CARDS42 on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 10:27 AM

Rodney King has my vote, too. Let's get back to "comments", instead of off-subject "raving-editorials". If absolutely necessary, impose a word-limit on postings. Enough of this ranting, and raving, about personal matters. Speak your mind, then move on, give everyone a chance, OK?

-- Posted by donknome on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 10:49 AM

I'll be printing the official "Let MJB Blog" tshirts this weekend out of my van that I live in down by the river.

-- Posted by Rodney King on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 11:08 AM


-- Posted by one4kids on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 11:26 AM

-- Posted by philosopher king on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 12:19 PM

prudentdriver is more judgmental than God.

-- Posted by philosopher king on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 12:20 PM

The most disheartening thing I've seen today came at the end of a post by Michael J. Ballou. It consisted of one abbrevited word. The abbreviated word was cont., meaning, I suppose, to be continued. Sigh.

-- Posted by philosopher king on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 12:23 PM

How could Grey Wolf possibly say that capital punishment doesn't work? There are very few people in history who have lived after being subjected to capital punishment.

-- Posted by philosopher king on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 12:28 PM

In Ballou's defense, there is no such thing as taking up too much space on the Internet. It is endless. As far as time goes, it is your choice whether or not to read them. Frankly, I enjoy abnormal psychology and see no need to "banish" Ballou to his own blog.

-- Posted by philosopher king on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 12:31 PM

I am an adventurous person but I am not reckless. Therefore, I will not be going down by the river in search of Rodney King's van.

-- Posted by philosopher king on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 12:33 PM

You know what Philosopher King,Your Right!

Perhaps though you missed my point.Thats

certainly ok, most folks do.My biggest problem with this extreme form of revenge is that if just one person is put to death and they were actualy innocent (which has happened) then I have a huge problem with it!

I just don't think any judicial system is perfect enough to justify Capital Punishment!

But I may be wrong!

-- Posted by GREYWOLF on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 12:40 PM

OMG...hahahah I just saw the nic "ElcoDirksfan" thanks to MJB giving him a verbal spanking.

I haven't thought about Elco Dirks for years. I heard he was playing pro in Europe now or was. Sheesh he's got to be close to 40 by now.

-- Posted by Rodney King on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 1:31 PM

PhiloKing... I don't want to banish anyone. I was suggesting a blog for MJB with him as a moderator where he posts his own topics in a more orderly fashion. He has a lot of topics he brings up, and provides commentary as well as links usually. I just don't think the speakout forum here is the best place -- it's not condudive for ongoing discussion.

-- Posted by Rodney King on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 1:37 PM

Allowing Mr. Ballou to have his own blog would in effect banish him because he would no longer be read and there would be no responses to his rants. His self-esteem would be irreparaably damaged. Keeping him on this site at the very least means viewers have to scroll through his screeds and, almost inevitably, occasionally respond.

-- Posted by philosopher king on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 2:09 PM

Dexterite: Exactly what is your experience with E85 anyway? Like I said, I know of several people who have completely converted their cars to run on E85 and their end results include higher power and better fuel economy when they are taking it easy. In addition to using a stand-alone engine management system and a proper TUNE, there are other items that must be addressed such as sensors, exhaust components, fuel system components, cooling system components, etc. "Flex Fuel" vehicles don't work as well because they are engineered to run on both E85 and petrol and you'll never see the gains if you specifically tune your car to run on strictly E85.

Ballou: Granted, my post early this morning was rather lengthy with 2,736 characters with spaces; it was, in fact, my longest post ever. However, I addressed many topics and I stayed true to the Speak Out mantra of keeping my comments short, sweet, and to the point. It took you three posts to address Desperate terrorists for a total of 8,361 characters with spaces. So, even though you broke up your nonsense into three parts, you are still most certainly the king of not being able to get your thoughts across in a reasonable manner.

-- Posted by ynot on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 2:19 PM

"verbal spankings"

1) Baseless character judgment referencing their mental state / parentage / underpants size

2) Declaring that person "unamerican"

3) Cries for them to be quiet

Wash, rinse, repeat.

When the right leaning posters here are finaly able to come up with a true "verbal spanking", let me know. So far, it's been someone getting owned, that person sitting in paused silence, then yelling back "Yo Momma!" which their peanut gallery says "You Tell'em Steve!"

-- Posted by Tarantulas on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 2:30 PM

Also, the calls for Mike to get his own blog fly in the face of what he is accomplishing here. Spreading the truth to the willfully ignorant people who read speak out. Why would he "preach to the choir" so to speak with his own blog?

-- Posted by Tarantulas on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 2:33 PM

prudentdriver and ballou....is your life so empty that you must compete for the most room on speakout comment pages. sad.

-- Posted by lilmisangel on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 2:46 PM

Sitting here wondering myself what should become of MJB.I am worried for him.With all this chatter coming from his tirades I don't think it will be long before the Cheney-Bush,NeoConPANC Police zero in on his location.I fear he will be transported by force to some undisclosed location above the arctic circle beyond the limits of this or any media.That my friends would certainly be

a huge misplacement of nuclear waste!

-- Posted by GREYWOLF on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 3:24 PM

Either that or he will have to serve sour milk and soda crackers to the greys as they do maintaince on the mother ship.

-- Posted by poppa on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 7:21 PM


I will be at the gun show from 10 to 12 looking for the best deal on 7.62x39mm ammo. I also need a site tool I lost mine. I sure hope that I can find one. I'm also looking for a few 30 round clips can you recomend a good dealer??

-- Posted by poppa on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 7:28 PM

If the disaffected and disturbed were removed from this site the number who post comments would immediately drop to one.

-- Posted by philosopher king on Fri, Jul 20, 2007, at 10:22 PM

The entire nature of this blog is to respond to the comments above, Tarantulas. If someone responds to your comments, you obviously have the right to respond. When did I skew away from topic and where is this "verbal spanking" that you were attempting? lilmisangel must be new here. philosopher king must be new to the entire internet because of all of his blank comments.

-- Posted by ynot on Mon, Jul 23, 2007, at 9:36 AM

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