Letter to the Editor

Protect Americans' rights first

Thursday, July 19, 2007

To the editor:I am so disgusted with our situation here in the United States. All of us only know what we read or hear.

First, the high price of gasoline. How stupid do oil companies think we are when they tell us they have to have those million-dollar bonuses because we don't have enough refineries? I haven't heard of anyone waiting in line for gas, which we would have to do if we didn't have enough fuel to meet our needs. Oil companies are never satisfied with their profits.

Another problem: None of our elected officials will work together to pass and enforce an illegal-entry bill. I heard someplace in Texas is flying the Mexican flag above our American flag. If this is true, why aren't our media and our legislators raising the roof?

Muslims want to practice their religion even in our prisons, which make special provision for their special days of worship, but our people are arrested for wearing a cross in Islamic countries. They insist on their so-called rights, and our leaders in Washington and some states give in to them.

With all the people in Washington who are supposed to be taking care of our country, none that we read about is speaking out against the wrongs.

I suppose they are afraid to get up before an audience except to try to be re-elected. Americans had better become committed to preserving our freedoms in America first, then look at the rights of foreigners.

JEWELL MOONEY, Marble Hill, Mo.