Letter to the Editor

Drug courts, rehab have similar goals

Monday, October 27, 2003

To the editor:

Paul J. Allee's letter regarding equal justice is either an uninformed liberal lob or a thinly veiled attempt at class warfare. Equal justice for all is not a "kooky liberal idea" but the cornerstone of our country that is constantly being hewn.

I tend to research the topics I feel passionately about. One of those topics is the claim that conservatives are elitist, hypocritical, bigoted and classist. The vehicle being used to promote this notion is Rush Limbaugh's drug addiction case.

Missouri is one of many states that has a drug court system. Its intent is to provide treatment-based alternatives to prison. One of the main objectives is rehabilitation and prevention of future abuse. The recidivism rate is about 4 percent.

In Southeast Missouri, Dunklin County was the first to institute this program for adults (1998) based on the need for a treatment-based program for low-income, high-risk offenders. This proves there is no conspiratorial effort to mete out unfair punishment based on class, race or social standing.

Laws and prosecutions for drug use offenses vary widely by jurisdiction and are based largely on that jurisdiction's ability to successfully process and prosecute that type of offense. My heartfelt praise to Limbaugh for initiating similar treatment of his own free will and at his expense. This most likely will not only expedite his time in court, but will probably relieve Florida taxpayers from tens of thousands of dollars to process his case.


Cape Girardeau