Sunday, October 26, 2003

Pride in the Bulldogs

NOTRE DAME has been building a volleyball program for several years. This is the first time in the history of the school they have been undefeated in regular season play. It is a shame these girls work so hard and receive little recognition. If high school football teams in the area were doing half as well, the paper would be full of stats and pictures praising the team and coaches. These girls work just as hard and they deserve our local paper to support them. They have done a wonderful job.

Soccer appreciation

JEREMY, THANKS for the article on the Central High School soccer team. The team appreciates it, the parents appreciate it and the soccer community appreciates the exposure. Keep writing; there's more good things to come.

What were we thinking?

I AM at a loss to explain the local Southeast Missourian sports prognosticators almost unanimously picking Jackson over Poplar Bluff. Surely these guys weren't that misinformed.

More, more, more

THAT NEBRASKA football player who punched that Mizzou fan after the game ought to be ashamed of himself. He acted like he's got no sense. I never approved of roughing up someone in football. I'll tell you who I blame for all this madness: the media. They love when these hooligans harm and try to kill each other. The media makes a lot of money off of that. Did you ever think of that?

The perfect game

A CENTRAL Tigers girls softball player, Shana Wadlington, pitched a perfect game a couple of weeks ago. All that was said about it was one line in a small article on the Sports page. These girls work just as hard as the boys. Shana deserved a lot more than she got. A perfect game is a big deal, and we are very proud of Shana. Keep up the good work, girl.

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