Out of the past 7/18/07

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

25 years ago: July 18, 1982

Cape Girardeau special deputy Bill Stroup, working as a security guard at the Holiday Inn in Cape Girardeau, last night arrested two men who Stoddard County authorities said walked into a tiny Dexter, Mo., tavern that day and sprayed the inside with gunfire, killing four people; the pair offered no resistance.

Bishop Bernard F. Law has made two pastoral appointments for Southeast Missouri; the Rev. Oscar J. Lukefahr, C.M., will be associate pastor of St. Vincent's Parish in Cape Girardeau, and the Rev. Alois Stevens will be pastor of St. Lawrence Parish in New Hamburg Mo.

50 years ago: July 18, 1957

The home, household furnishings and clothing of a family of nine were wiped out when fire destroyed their residence at the rear of 229 S. Fountain St. in Cape Girardeau last night; homeless are Mrs. Janie Rayford and her children, ages 4 months to 11 years.

A certificate of incorporation of Electric Supply Co., 515 Broadway in Cape Girardeau, has been filed for record; stockholders are R.O. Browning, Florence Paar and Ruth Browning.

75 years ago: July 18, 1932

The intense heat has caused the concrete slab on U.S. 61 to buckle in several places, and a crew of workmen is busy repairing the damage; two such places are near Williams Creek.

Actual purchase of about 10 acres of land adjoining Fairmount Cemetery to be used as an addition to the burial ground is made by the Cape Girardeau City Council; the price of the land is $2,000.

100 years ago: July 18, 1907

Tom J. Hamil is electrocuted while working at the top of a telephone pole at the foot of the courthouse hill; a wire he is holding suddenly charges with the power that runs in the street railway trolley wire; Hamil, who was working this summer to raise money for his education at the Normal School, was a leader of the YMCA and trustee in the Methodist Church.

The genial L.B. Houck has been appointed general freight and passenger agent of the Houck lines, filling the vacancy caused by the resignation of D.P. Bailey.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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