Speak Out 7/18/07

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Elitist Congress

GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS wanted to solve the immigration problem. The president, Republicans and Democrats compromised on a solution. They never asked us for our ideas. It was an elite society thinking for the underling class. We disagreed, and federal legislators, wanting to be re-elected, were forced to pander to the ignorant masses. Instead of asking and listening to our ideas on how to solve this problem, they proved themselves to be members of the same private government club who's model is "It's our way or the highway." I believe it's time for the worker bees to overthrow the self-proclaimed royalty and offer their jobs to honest, hardworking leaders in our communities and states.

Noisy concerts

CAPE GIRARDEAU picks and chooses who follows the law and who doesn't. A shining example is the regularly scheduled music concerts on Patricia Street where noise and parking are always problems. This is a quiet residential neighborhood, not zoned commercial. On several occasions I have contacted city officials. Nothing has ever been done. I wonder if these concert promoters on Patricia are doing the proper sales-tax and income-tax filings for this business operation.

Excellent job

MIKE DUMEY and Robyn Hosp do an excellent job, but you've got to see Mike Dumey's presentation, "Sing, America, Sing" with all those young kids. They're doing big-band sounds for the older group. They're doing music for all the baby boomers, and they do Broadway tunes. What he does with kids is amazing. Mike Dumey rocks.

Location proposal

I JUST come through town and I was looking at Freedom Corner. It would be wonderful if the proposed war memorial could be located at the other end of Capaha Park right across from Southeast Missouri Hospital. When people are sitting in that surgery waiting room they could look out on it, plus all the people coming to the park would be able to see it and it would make that end of the park look nice.

Action, not words

ISN'T IT wonderful to watch Congress? The Republicans maligned the Democrats for utilizing the filibuster during the last Congress. Now they use it at every turn. The American people need to call every day and tell our federal legislators we want action, not rhetoric.

Vacationing Iraqis

PRESIDENT BUSH says wait for the September report to see if the Iraqi government can make a turnaround. Only one problem: The Iraqi government said it is still going to take August off. If one American soldier, sailor or airman is killed while the Iraqi government is on vacation, this is tantamount to murder. Call the White House and demand a withdrawal of our troops if the Iraqi government goes on vacation.

Disappearing hydrants

I THINK the fire hydrants along County Road 205/Bloomfield Road need flags on top of them so firefighters can find them. Weeds have completely hidden them from view. A great alternative would be to mow the weeds.

Resurfacing roads

THANK YOU, Cape Girardeau County Special Road District. You are doing a great job resurfacing county roads, especially County Road 318 and County Road 319. They have needed resurfacing for years. Keep up the good work.

Reasonable fees

I DON'T have a problem with the increases fees at the pool. That is still pretty inexpensive for a person to go to the pool.

Plenty of room

I AGREE that the veteran memorials should be placed somewhere in Cape County Park, not the Courthouse Park in Cape Girardeau. There is not enough room at Courthouse Park, and there is plenty at Cape County Park.

Use Freedom Corner

THE PLACING of war memorials at Courthouse Park is too much. It makes sense to leave the two Civil War memorials there, because it is in keeping with the historical nature of the courthouse. But the other memorials overwhelm the tiny park. It makes sense to put them around the monuments at Freedom Corner. I'd also be for moving the Vietnam memorial to Freedom Corner.

PC coaching

AS ONE could infer from a recent Speak Out comment, those like coach Leon Brinkopf, recently profiled in the pages of the Southeast Missourian, wouldn't survive in today's environment of delicate sensibilities and political correctness. As a result, student-athletes are the worse for it.

Motoring menace

I GET so tired of hearing about drivers on their cell phones. I admit that I talk on my cell phone a lot while driving, but I still use my blinker and look in all directions and pay attention to the road. It never fails that someone who seems to have nothing distracting him almost hits me because he thinks he is too good to follow the law or is just plain rude.

Time to tickle

A RECENT comment stated that we Cape Girardeauianastos (it's new) need to smile at one another more often. That person is right. However, for some of us smiling is harder than for others. I offer myself as an example. I am unemployed and not really good at anything. Most employers nowadays require a degree, and thanks to algebra and some attitude problems I have since remedied, eighth grade proved insurmountable. So here I am, dirt poor, no prospects, uninsured and somewhat toothless, and here comes Chuckie Chuckles grinning up a storm in my general direction. It isn't always easy to reciprocate. But there is one thing that always gets me to that cherished happy land: tickling. Who doesn't want maniacal fingers gyrating in his or her underarms or other sensitive areas? So let's get together. We want to smile. Well, take the initiative. We need to come together and tickle. For some of us, it's the only way.

Racing trumps funeral

THIS IS to all elderly people. Watch out whom you put in charge to take care of things after you pass away. My mother passed away July 12. All of us girls wanted Mom to be put to rest on Saturday, but her granddaughter was left in charge. So Mom couldn't be put to rest until Sunday because the one in charge had other plans: opening the racetrack. My mother said so many times that she did not want to be put to rest on a Sunday. All I can say is I am so very sorry. We all tried, but we were not in charge.

Pathetic critics

BEFORE JUMPING on the National Council for Teacher Quality bandwagon, I urge readers to visit the NCTQ Web site. There you'll find page after page of news releases slamming state education departments and local board control. Faced with documented evidence of teaching success in the classroom, the only thing left for NCTQ is to criticize educators before they even make it to the classroom. Pathetic.

Strong influences

OVERT OR implicit criticism of the late Central High School legend Leon Brinkopf should fall on deaf ears. Coach Brink and predecessors like the equally iconic Lou Muegge were old-school coaches who did far more than most to help make men out of boys. The general feminization of coaching that has taken place since their day (with some exceptions and largely forced upon them by society) may have merit, but if you talk to those who played for Brinkopf and Muegge you'll likely find virtual unanimity of opinion that these men exemplified a rare and special quality whose positive lessons for life have served so many for so long and whose influence will hopefully never end.

Loud motorcycles

I HAVE nothing against motorcycles, but I do have something against riders who fail to comply with the loud exhaust laws of the city and state. How long do you think it would take for you to get stopped if you ran open pipes on your car or truck? Not long. Why don't our officers enforce the loud exhaust laws regarding these straight-pipe motorcycles? All motorcycles should have proper exhausts on them within the guidelines of the laws.

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