Speak Out 10/25/03

Saturday, October 25, 2003

Armchair critics

SOLDIERS IN Vietnam were under traumatic stress conditions, not knowing who the enemy was because many civilians were aiding the enemy. So now we have these harsh armchair critics who were never exposed to that trauma who are eager to blame our troops. Those troops were fighting to survive and following orders.

School bypass

County Road 328 just off Highway 72 has been paved. It loops off Highway 72 and back at East Lane. If further improvements were made, it would be a good road to take to bypass the elementary schools and would really be beneficial when Highway 72 improvements start in the near future. I wish the county would consider this and start working on it.

Full support

LIKE PRESIDENT Bush said, you are either with us or you are with the terrorists. Loyal Americans clearly see the core mission, and loyal Americans support him 100 percent in this war on terrorism, both overseas and at home.

Obey the law

I JUST saw in the Southeast Missourian that the HOGs are coming back in 2005. I hope that either the police will do a better job of making sure they obey the laws or the that they will have the courtesy while they're in our community to obey the laws. The last time they were here I saw numerous incidents of poor driving, disrespectful behavior to other drivers and dangerous situations that they created. This doesn't need to be tolerated.

Weight gain explained

THE FEMALE body is designed by God to carry a baby and replenish the population. When a woman diets and loses a lot of weight, her body gets the message that there is a famine. After a weight loss, especially a significant one, the body tells itself to store up fat for the next famine so that she will survive longer. As soon as a woman eats anything after a dramatic weight loss, she gains back the weight rapidly and gains more pounds than she had before the diet.

Shameful statement

THE PERSON who called in about teachers being tested first and said most of the education majors were scraped from the bottom of the barrel: This is an uncalled for, unnecessary and untruthful statement . This person should be totally ashamed. The Missourian should be ashamed for publishing such a statement.

Ladybugs live on

THE PART about those pesky ladybugs dying after a week or so is untrue. We have live ladybird beetles throughout the winter. They sort of hibernate in every nook and cranny and come through any opening in the walls of our homes. They come to any available heat source whether it be a light bulb or an open flame from a heater. When the weather warms up outside, they swarm to get out. If they just died after a few days, it would be a blessing. But they don't.

Article hit the mark

THAT WAS a great piece on Mike Sprouse and River City Coins. I've known Mike for 26 years. Your article captured his enthusiasm for coins. Keep up the good work.

Masterpiece movie

"MYSTIC RIVER" is a marvelous movie, a masterpiece, perhaps a mini-classic. In ways it is a Shakespearean tragedy that raises tough, morally relativistic issues and illustrates how very much one's past affects the present. Among others, it stars Tim Robbins and Sean Penn.

Overzealous burning

FALL IS so beautiful in Cape Girardeau. The crisp, clean air should make you want to fill your lungs and celebrate the passing of a humid summer. But Cape is home to a large number of compulsive leaf rakers and burners. Instead of being blessed with the smell of frost on the pumpkin and fodder in the shock, we are cursed with the smell of Ground Zero. Instead of throwing open those windows and finally letting the house fill with fresh air, we yell at the kids: "Close the door. You're letting in the smoke!" Those of you who live to rake and burn should stop and consider what you are doing to your neighbors. You can still get to heaven even if you have a few leaves in your yard.

It's your fault

TO ALL those guys complaining that they shouldn't have to pay taxes on their child support: That would be the same as those who run all their credit cards to the maximum saying they shouldn't have to pay the interest. You got yourself into the child-support mess.

Responding to response

I DISAGREE with the Speak Out comment about the Missourian's editorial on Rush Limbaugh. I thought it took him to task while fairly putting his disappointing and illegal actions in context. Limbaugh is a blowhard, but he is a person too. My hope is this episode makes him more compassionate in the future.

Bury utility lines

THE CITY council is thankfully taking aim at the ridiculous disorder of retail signs in Cape Girardeau. But if the council really wanted to make our town look great, it would start the process of having the phone and electrical lines buried underground. Those are the biggest eyesores around.

Stingy with tips

THIS IS for all the lovely people who enjoy dining out at area restaurants. I am a server at one of these restaurants. I can't understand people's concept of tipping. The average tip should be at least 15 percent -- 20 percent if you receive great service. I understand that not all servers deserve this, and if you feel your service does not, don't leave it. I always give good service to all my guests, and I am still finding more and more 10 percent tips.

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