Holden is right

Saturday, October 25, 2003

Sikeston Standard Democrat

The administration of Gov. Bob Holden is absolutely correct in its interpretation governing the ability of the governor to withhold education funding in the wake of a budget crisis.

That's exactly what Holden did when he withheld $190 million from the education budget in Missouri this year to help balance the books of state government.

Holden's move was challenged in court by a dozen Kansas City school districts that wanted their full share of the education funding approved by the legislature. But Holden recognized the upcoming budget shortfall and made cuts in every area of state funding.

The lawsuit is now before the courts. ... Should the courts rule in favor of the school districts -- which is unlikely -- unbelievable cuts would have to be made elsewhere or voters would have to hastily approve some additional tax revenue source. Neither option is likely.

Education funding is extremely important. But is it more important than public safety? Is it more important than health care? ...

The education community must learn -- as we all must learn -- to live within their means. If that means unpopular reductions in spending then so be it.. ...

Tight economic times call for sacrifices in all categories. And that includes education. It may not be popular but it's the right thing to do at the right time. And this time, Bob Holden got it right.

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