Speak Out 10/24/03

Friday, October 24, 2003

First line of defense

THIS IS to the person thanking Gov. Bob Holden for standing up to concealed weapons. Who do you think is responsible for protecting you? You are. You are your first line of defense against all of the perils that may befall you. The police can only respond after someone has harmed you. It is not the governor's responsibility to keep you out of harm's way.

The age of change

I HAVE a problem with people who diss Central High School. I am a CHS student and find nothing wrong with our school. Our MAP tests are fine. Maybe the reason our scores are so low is that students don't want to listen to the teachers. Students are basically divided into groups. We have the preppy people who are loved by the teachers. The gothic people are frowned upon because of what they wear and how they look. The punk people don't care what others think. Our school is run on two things, teachers' opinions and preppy students. This is high school. All people want to do is fit in. They don't care about test scores. I don't think people should comment on our school's test scores. Those people don't know what is going on in our lives right now.

No right answers

AS AN educator correctly noted, MAP questions are vague. However, that's because they're supposed to be that way. As much as the absolutists pretend otherwise, we live in a time when everything is vague. In fact, when it comes multiple-choice MAP questions, there are no correct answers. That's what is so frustrating. Though any answer would be considered correct, they still can't get it right.

Low MAP scores

THE MAP scores at the Lift for Life charter school were so low it makes traditional public schools look like utopias of unparalleled academic achievement.

Bridge time record

I AGREE with the criticism of the prolonged period of time it's taking to construct the bridge over the Diversion Channel. It's been almost two years, and it's no-where completion. The Golden Gate Bridge across San Francisco Bay took only three-and-a-half years to construct over open ocean in the 1930s. Are we going to tie that record?

Video is a winner

AT THE pageant Saturday night, a girl stood up and said she did not have singing and dancing talent but she could make a good video. She presented a promotional video for the bridge that was excellent. I've spoken to her teacher who says she did the entire thing by herself. If Cape Girardeau does not purchase this video for a promotion, they will be very lacking. It was very good and well-done, including the commentary.

Grief and greed

I'M READING about the people who are planning to sue because of the ferry crash. This shows how people value their loved ones. They're willing to sell them for cash. If that's not a ghoulish thing to try to get rich off somebody else's misery or death, I don't know what is. That doesn't show love at all. It shows greed in the worst way.

Where are liberals?

WHERE ARE all the civil-rights advocates when it comes to aborting children? Where are the compassionate liberals who speak for those who can't speak for themselves? Why aren't they crying out, "Save these lives, give them a chance at life, don't snuff out their lives, show mercy" instead of leaving the choice of life or death up to the one who doesn't want them for the reason?

Dealing with drugs

I WASTED many years of my life trying to help the woman who is now my ex-wife try to control a prescription drug problem that started with amphetamines. After two four-week stays at a rehab center, the psychiatrist in charge told me that the center wouldn't accept my wife as a patient and that she should be sent to a long-term rehab center. There she was a patient for two months. The psychiatrist said that the great majority of addicts have an immature personality with feelings of omnipotence. Rush Limbaugh fits this profile to a T.

Thanks for assistance

I JUST wanted to say thanks. There's still is some good help here in Cape Girardeau. I had a tire blow out after I hit a curb. Two women stopped and helped me change that tire. In fact, they did all the work. I just want to say thank you.

A SPEAK Out caller was upset to hear about a middle school student threatening to have a gun at school and being suspended. The caller thought the schools were safe because there were police officers on duty. Police and staff members handled the situation exactly as they should have. You can have hundreds of police officers there, but you can't stop someone from saying something. My hat is off to the school district for handling this in the appropriate way.

Creating a legacy

OTHER DEPARTMENTS are being cut while the university continues to throw money at the River Campus. The commissioned painting for the theater department is just the latest. It is time for university president Ken Dobbins and regents president Don Dickerson to stop trying to establish their legacy at the River Campus at the expense of the remainder of the students and faculty.

Outrageous talk

LET'S FACE it. In the 2000s, our kids will no longer be completely safe in school and teenagers will continue to say outrageous things. Just because someone points his finger like a gun or even says something doesn't necessarily mean he is going to act on it.

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