Tiger Pride is good name

Friday, October 24, 2003

A sizable group of Central High School students got a taste of the governmental process at this week's meeting of the Cape Girardeau City Council, and they came away happy.

The council indicated it would take favorable action on a request by student senate members to rename the portion of Silver Springs Road that goes in front of the new high school building. The students would like the street to be called Tiger Pride Drive.

Good for them -- both for finding a good way to express their school spirit and for making the effort to go through the bureaucratic process.

Currently, Silver Springs Road starts at Spruce Street on the north and ends at Kingshighway on the south. The high school is near the southern end between Mount Auburn Road and the southern end of Kingshighway.

Concerns raised about giving a street more than one name quickly went away, perhaps because of the persuasiveness of so many earnest students or perhaps because Cape Girardeau has other examples of streets with more than one name. Mount Auburn, for example, turns into Lexington Avenue in the north end of the city and into Southern Expressway in the south end.

Tiger Pride Drive is a fitting name for the street in front of the high school. And it will make a classy mailing address too. Good luck to the students as they see this proposal to its conclusion.

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