Letter to the Editor

Equal justice for everyone should be goal

Thursday, October 23, 2003

To the editor:

Something good can be derived from Rush Limbaugh's drug addiction. Your newspaper has the opportunity to provide a service to the community and the nation.

Select two economically poor or middle-class residents charged with using illegal drugs. Parallel their prosecution with that of Limbaugh's. Give your readers weekly reports.

If the results fail to show equal protection for all classes, your paper can take the lead in demanding progressive change. It may take time to bring about change, but don't give up. A hundred years from now history books may read, "Equal justice for all citizens is traced to a Cape Girardeau, Mo., newspaper."

I know the very concept of equal justice for all is a kooky liberal idea. Some may even consider it unpatriotic. I think the idea has merit. Hey, it may even rank with the efforts of liberals to secure the right for women to vote. It took more than a hundred years for that concept to become mainstream.