Bond announces more than $700,000 in federal funds for Missouri

Thursday, October 23, 2003

U.S. Senator Kit Bond announced that the Delta Regional Authority will send Missouri more than $700,000 in federal funds for development projects in rural Missouri.

Scott County will receive $127,500 from the Delta Regional Authority. The fund will be used to improve access from western Scott County to agricultural and retail destinations, trading and port facilities, and to improve public safety with an all weather road surface for school and emergency vehicles.

Cape Girardeau County will receive $46,350 from the Delta Regional Authority. The funds will help extend Route AB to connect with Highway 25, resulting in a shorter, more direct route to the businesses and employment opportunities located in the area for residents in the surrounding six counties.

The Southeast Missouri State University Small Business Development Center will receive $26,805.07 from Delta Regional Authority. The funds will be used to create an Equity Extending Finance Program to supplement access to critical development capital focusing on manufacturing technology, life science, value added companies and business affiliates/tenants of the University Innovation Center. In addition, participants will have available support services from faculty and students to better ensure business success through programs such as graduate and undergraduate internships.

The Delta Regional Authority is a federal-state partnership designed to remedy severe and chronic economic distress by stimulating economic development and fostering partnerships that will positively impact the region's economy.

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