Speak Out 10/18/03

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Adopt a dog

OCTOBER IS Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. I want everyone in our community to visit the Humane Society and look at the dogs. It's the nicest thing to do for our community: support the Humane Society and adopt an animal so they don't have to be euthanized. Please don't buy a dog. Adopt a dog.

High school counselors

I BELIEVE the Cape Girardeau schools need to get rid of the grade-school counselors. We don't need them till high school to help the kids out or to give them college information.

He's human too

THERE HAS been much controversy about Rush Limbaugh lately. But love him or hate him, he is one of us. He is a human being. I want to commend him for realizing he has a problem with prescription drugs and is going into rehab.

City racetrack

I AM so glad I don't live on Mount Auburn Road. Everyone is going more than 50 mph. It seems like Mount Auburn is a racetrack.

Doesn't make sense

IT'S ALL right to sell shirts showing violence of two rivals teams like Jackson and Cape as long as it is all in fun. But if a kindergartner threatens another kindergartner without knowing what he is saying, he gets suspended. Seems like we need an overhaul of principals and counselors in the school system.

School problems

IN REGARD to your front-page article about Central High School's new building: These are issues the parents have been bringing up since the building was in its planning stages. We were told that it was under control and that district officials were aware of these things. Ask them about the lunchroom situation and how they misjudged that one. We parents were, as usual, ignored by this administration. They knew this was going to happen. I think the plan was to come back and ask for more money. They want a football field and this and that. Don't come back to the taxpayers again with these problems. You created them. You fix them.

Extreme measure

SCHOOLS SHOULD use their finances to educate. Dispose of the financial expenditure for extra-curricular activities that are a huge pain in taxpayers' wallets. In extreme financial stress, extreme measures must be taken.

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