Speak Out 7/15/07

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Potential winner?

PRESIDENT BUSH said he would do whatever to show no one in his administration was responsible for the leak in the CIA case, to show that no one was using politics to fire the attorneys, to allow justice to prevail, to bring dignity to the White House, never to nation build. He should enter the liars competition.

War memorials

I ALWAYS look forward to seeing the flag waving in Cape County Park when traveling in or out of Cape Girardeau. What a beautiful sight. And when all the flags are displayed honoring our veterans, it stirs an overwhelming feeling of patriotism. Wouldn't it make sense to have memorials to the veterans of World Wars I and II, Korean War and the Vietnam War placed equidistant around that beautiful monument? Those were the major wars of the 20th century. Eventually, a memorial to veterans of later wars could be added. Let the Civil War memorial in Courthouse Park stand alone for that terrible war of the 19th century. Please don't clutter that small park with assorted memorials lest they lose their meaning. At the county park more people could see and honor our veterans daily on their commute. Why not get the opinion of our veterans, especially those gallant men at the Missouri Veterans Home?

Time for answers

THE CHAFFEE Police Department has been in and out of the news due to internal issues since February. Neither the Scott County sheriff, prosecutor, Chaffee police board, city Council, police chief nor mayor has ever explained what transpired in these situations, in spite of the seriousness of the situations and the damage done to individuals and their families, not to mention their reputations. This in itself leads to doubts about those involved. It is past time for some answers.

Lower speed limit

WE ARE given all kinds of guideline to conserve gasoline. But instead of lowering the speed limit, Illinois is raising its speed limit. I hoped states would lower the speed limit at least to 65. This would force everyone to conserve gas and could save lives.

A good deed

I WOULD like to say thanks to the mother and son who helped me take my yard sale sign from my yard. I had a yard sale in Jackson on the weekend of June 21-23. On the last day my niece and I received word of the death of her mother and my sister just as we had set things out that morning. When I told these people what happened and we needed to close, they walked away only to return with the mother telling me that her son suggested they help me take things in. They would not accept payment for their help. As I was still busy with things to get done, I told them to read Speak Out because not only did I appreciate what they did, I was very impressed with the young boy's suggestion to his mother and wanted to recognize his good deed. This child is headed toward something great some day. Thank you so much.

More fireworks sales

FIREWORKS COME once a year, so I'm tired of people who complain about it. To me the fireworks stands weren't open long enough. One week is hardly long enough for anyone to turn a real profit.

Locked restrooms

ON THE Fourth of July my family rented a pavilion at Litz Park in Jackson. When we got there, the restrooms were locked. We were told there was nobody available to unlock the bathrooms and that our family could have a free pavilion the next time we wanted to rent one. That was not the issue. What were we supposed to do about restroom facilities?

Misplaced blame

BLAMING IMMIGRANTS for America's problems is like blaming the janitor for Enron's problems.

Additional tax

HOW DO the Town Plaza merchants feel about adding an additional sales tax to items sold in their stores in order for Greater Missouri Builders to pay off its debts? Town Plaza shops already struggle to stay in business because of competing with the mall and downtown shops. If I had a shop in Town Plaza, I would be looking to relocate to another area of town.

Clemency numbers

PRESIDENT BUSH is averaging 18 acts of clemency a year, compared to 57 for Clinton, 19 for the first Bush, 51 for Reagan, 142 for Carter, 164 for Ford, 168 for Nixon, 237 for Johnson, 192 for Kennedy, 145 for Eisenhower, 264 for Truman, and 301 for Roosevelt.

Better locations

JON RUST'S column about the war memorial was nice, but he did not need to be so kind. The Common Pleas Courthouse is the wrong location for war memorials because it isn't big enough. The plan you printed in the newspaper would clutter up the space. It should go to County Park, the veterans home grounds or Capaha Park behind Freedom Corner. These are more suited to a war memorial.

GOP accountability

COME ON, fellow GOPers. It is not acceptable for us to accept President Bush's shady behavior because President Clinton was just as bad. I thought we were the party of accountability. Or are we?

Real issues

MINOR-LEAGUE baseball in Cape Girardeau? Where was our mayor when Marion, Ill., was putting all its plans in place to bring a team there? Now our mayor wants to jump on the bandwagon. As a Cape resident, I see too many other things that need attention rather than a new ball team. I get so tired of fighting the busted, bumpy concrete on Mount Auburn Road driving to work every day, and the mayor wants to talk about building a $4 million baseball stadium? There are a lot of things that would improve the quality of life in Cape that are far less expensive than a minor-league baseball team. Let's take care of the real issues and improvements for everyday living here in Cape.

Inspirational book

I have just finished reading again the late Jean Bell Mosley's autobiography, "And God Answered." It is an accurate, interesting and fascinating depiction of rural life in Missouri in the early decades of the 20th century. In addition, Mrs. Mosley's almost accidental entry into the field of writing is both humorous and an inspiration to aspiring authors. With little formal education in the field of creative writing (she had a teaching degree), she sold the first short story she submitted for publication to Woman's Day magazine in the late 1940s. The myriad of almost mind-boggling national and world-changing events through which she lived are discussed and add historical insight form the view of a skilled, Southeast Missouri-based author. The spiritual perspective and sustenance she continually drew upon through times good and bad buttress an absolutely beautifully written book.

Making intelligence

The newest U.S. intelligence report says al-Qaida is at its strongest since before 9-11. President Bush says he doesn't believe the intelligence. He didn't believe the intelligence before the war about who attacked us, nor about what it would take to win in Iraq, so he made his own intelligence fit what he believed. Oil was better than lives. Now he will make his own intelligence fit his need to stay and watch hundreds more of your sons and daughters die. If Congress does not impeach him, we should vote them all out. This is not politics. This is common sense.

Expensive milk

Because of ethanol subsidies, I can no longer afford milk. Maybe members of Congress can afford it, but I think it's high time they were served, along with their milk, a generous serving of humble pie.

Cell-phone drivers

As an average American biker, I see people every day on the cell phones in cars. I cannot count the number of times I have seen people running stop signs and almost getting into wrecks at intersections while talking to other people on the cell phones. I believe if you cause a wreck while you're on your cell phone, you should be held liable. Some people cannot talk, see and drive at the same time.

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