Speak Out 7/13/07

Friday, July 13, 2007

Better location

REGARDING THE proposed veterans memorial: My family and I took a look at Courthouse Park. We all agreed the memorial should not be at the old courthouse. Put it in Cape County Park.

Concert booze

THE MERLE Haggard concert was great. However, the Show Me Center's open bar while the concert was going was not pleasing to a lot of us. We sat in section 109. There was a constant parade to the bar during the concert. It obstructed our view. I think booze should be sold somewhere else. As far as I'm concerned, it was a greedy attempt to make money at the expense of the fans of Merle Haggard.

Higher pool fees

I CANNOT believe the city's latest price increase at the municipal pool. I've been bringing children to the pool for a long time, but now I'm quitting it. As of July 1, the admission for adults and children 14 and older is $3. For children ages 3 through 13 it's $2.25. Even seniors now have to pay more. How could the voters of Cape Girardeau give the city council carte blanche authority to increase these prices when they want to?

More smiles, please

WHAT HAPPENED to all the smiling faces in Cape Girardeau? We need to be smiling at each other. What about the people who visit our town? Have you smiled at anyone today or has anyone smiled at you? Let's spread a little more love and pass it on. Put a smile on your face.

Great performance

MIKE DUMEY and Robyn Hosp outdid themselves again. Their performance at the Jackson Fourth of July municipal band concert was great. The "Battle Hymn of Republic" and "Amazing Grace" were awesome. Thanks again, Mike and Robyn, for a wonderful evening.

School breakfast

THIS IS response to the person that "is totally shocked" to find the schools serve breakfast to the students. I have two children who attend schools in the Jackson School District who are relieved to have a healthy breakfast waiting for them when they arrive. I pay full price for their meals. My children have no choice but to be at their bus stop by 6:20 a.m. I am grateful that the school district provides breakfast so the kids don't have to get up any earlier than 5:20 a.m. and that they can have a healthy breakfast without rushing out the door.

Mowing kindness

IT HAS been a long, hot summer, and mowing lawns is hard work, especially for people like me who are over 75 years old. I want to thank whoever recently mowed the wooded part of our backyard. It is not the easiest yard to mow. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated. I'm not sure who you are, but I want you to know that we thank you and wish God's blessings on you, because you've been a blessing to an older couple.

Coach's behavior

AS A teacher, coach, parent and former student of Leon Brinkopf, your article brought mixed emotions. Coach Brinkopf achieved great things and should be respected for his accomplishments. However, reading as former players cited his volatile temper and cursing as memorable things troubled me. Why is it OK for a coach to behave on the field in a manner a teacher cannot behave in the classroom? Why is this laudable?

Proper enforcement

CALLING THAT travesty of justice an "immigration reform bill" is like calling Sharia law "legal reform." There was nothing in that bill that would have done anything more for border security than existing laws would if their enforcement were properly funded.

Spotty fines

I THOUGHT city council members were supposed to be representatives of their constituencies. I don't see how 25 percent of the city's tickets in a two-block area of Alta Vista Drive can be representative of the entire city's constituency. It would seem perhaps that it's just in one council member's neighborhood. Taking it out on students with additional fines might be self-serving for a particular council member.

Speeding fuel

I WOULD like for someone to explain to me what type of brain the governor of Kentucky has when, during calls for conserving fuel, he increases the speed limit, which is guaranteed to use more fuel. I cannot imagine any kind of reasoning power that a person could have that would do such an act.

Orchard Road repairs

I HAVE had enough with Old Orchard Road. The road is about 40 years old, and I believe it still has the original gravel on it. Why are those of us who travel the road two and three times a day being punished? Our car and trucks need wheel alignment two or three times a year. How about putting some of the road taxes on Old Orchard Road and show that means something to all of us? It is bad.

Immigration laws

THE AMERICAN people and the majority of legal immigrants oppose any measures that condone coming to this country in any manner other than legal means. Americans understand the meaning of immigration, but the words "legal" and "illegal" seem to be deliberately ignored by our government. It seems if you have to come by boat or airplane, you have to come as a legal immigrant. But if you can walk or swim in, you don't have to be legal. So before enacting new laws that legalize illegal conduct, the government should try enforcing the existing laws.

No more taxes

REGARDLESS OF when the parks advisory board completes the information for improvements as requested by the city council, the residents have already expressed their thoughts about such a tax. Just what part of "no additional sales tax" do Mike Keefe and Dan Muser not understand?

Not to worry?

I'M WATCHING MSNBC. The chief of homeland security is talking. He says he has a feeling that the terrorists will strike again, but if we're just an ordinary citizen we shouldn't worry about it. What about all the ordinary citizens working in the twin towers that day? So much for not worrying about it.

Memorial locations

REGARDING THE location of the war memorial at Courthouse Park: I drove by there and saw the small area they're talking about putting that huge memorial in. I think it would really not be a good location. However, I drove by several places at Cape County Park North and South where there are large areas that have easy access and lots of parking and areas that could be used for a memorial. Also, there's a large lawn area at the entrance to Arena Park that could be used for a memorial that also has good access.

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