Out of the past 7/10/07

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

25 years ago: July 10, 1982

Last week's unexpected closure of a Cape Girardeau City Council study session to discuss the pros and cons of a pending ordinance on abortion is a "perfect example" of why the council needs to establish rules to govern its proceedings, says Councilwoman Loretta A. Schneider; Schneider plans to bring the issue before the council Monday.

Cape Girardeau County's grand jury, impanelled just three days ago, has already handed down three indictments; it names two men charged in connection with the June 8 armed robbery at the E-Z pump Service Station at Jackson and a man being held in connection with the June 24 kidnapping of a 15-year-old Cape Girardeau County girl.

50 years ago: July 10, 1957

A Marine Corps member, husband of a young Ancell woman, lost his life in a plane crash near Honolulu, Monday; he was T-Sgt. Richard Bohn, 31, a radarman and was the husband of the former Miss Marion Dumey; they have two children.

Judge Oscar A. Knehans, an attorney for nearly 51 years whose public service as court judge, referee in bankruptcy, city counselor and deputy U.S. marshal covered a period of 35 years, dies at a local hospital; Knehans, 77, is survived by his wife, Amelia E. Zimmerman Knehans, and their two children.

75 years ago: July 10, 1932

The union worship service in the evening at Courthouse Park features the appearance of the combined choirs of the four congregations participating in the meetings: Christ Evangelical, Presbyterian, Christian and Christ Episcopal; delivering the sermon this week is the Rev. Reinhart Lehmann, pastor of Christ Evangelical Church.

The Rev. Robert LaMar, lecturer and singer, preaches at the evening service at the Jackson Baptist Church; LeMar spent 10 years in light and grand opera before his conversion.

100 years ago: July 10, 1907

The St. Louis Engineering & Electric Co., wins the contract for construction of the water and light plant at Jackson, at a cost of $24,000.

The Cape Girardeau Chautauqua association has purchased the lumber used recently in the revival tabernacle; it will be used to construct the Chautauqua building.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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