Speak Out 7/10/07

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Teacher's response

THE PERSON who said successful teaching consisted of sharing what you learned the night before is either a horrible teacher or a parent whose child didn't get the grade the parent thought he should have received. As a teacher, I could attest to the number of hours I spent earning both an undergraduate and graduate degree in my field, the number of hours I spend learning new information in my field and the number of hours I spend each summer updating my lessons, but it would be wasted on someone who already thinks he knows everything about something he's never done. I'm sure your kids have picked up on your disrespectful attitude and are an absolute joy to have in class. Way to go.

Those pardons

ALL THE libs are upset about the president commuting the sentence of Scooter Libby. Where was their indignation when President Clinton was pardoning terrorists, drug dealers and political cronies? Amazingly, he even traded pardons for contributions to his presidential library. How about using a little common sense when viewing the Libby decision?

Future floodwall

A DECADE or more ago the idea of a downtown golf course and tournament was a mere pipe dream. For a long time, Southeast Missourian editor Joe Sullivan was its lone advocate. Then others got on board, and today it's a wonderful reality. In my opinion, Joe Sullivan made it happen. That's why I consider Sullivan such a key player in whether or not Cape Girardeau moves forward on the idea of a renaissance-resulting transparent floodwall or remains stuck with a concrete monstrosity that in part killed downtown Cape in an effort to save it. Joe, what say ye?

Venue competition

WHEN THE Show Me Center director says he will not be competing with the River Campus for venue, that means the competition will be serious, fierce and, perhaps, violent.

Better locations

THE COMMON Pleas Courthouse Park is not the right place for massive war memorials. There are many other, better locations. For example, Freedom Corner at Capaha Park.

Return engagement

I AM looking forward to the days of Clintons back in the White House.

Seeking equality

WE STRIVE for a equality under the law. We'll never be perfect, but we've come a long way. Low-key elitists who remain outside the public eye and well-connected politicians are virtually the only remaining groups above the law.

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