Speak Out 7/8/07

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Fighting crime

There is only one new tax I would vote for and that is to hire more crime fighting police officers. The tax provision would need to stipulate that the officers be used only to fight real crimes, and not as ticket issuers like most of our officers are forced into now.

Executive activism

Was Scooter Libby a "victim" of politics? The prosecutor in his case is a Bush appointee, as is the Judge and two of the three Court of Appeals justices. If the president thinks a 30-month sentence is too harsh for a first offender, he could have reduced it to fewer months rather than to zero. The only thing worse than judicial activism is executive activism. Libby is no victim, he is a beneficiary. We should all be so lucky to be that kind of victim.

Open downtown for 4th

My family and I were extremely disappointed in the downtown on the Fourth of July. At the music, they announced that there would be no vendors as they wanted people to support the local restaurants. That was a little difficult for people as there weren't that many open, and who wants a $13 meal inside on the Fourth? Give me a hotdog, funnel cake, hamburger. They could have really opened up the downtown area and shown all the folks from the rural areas coming in for the fireworks what a beautiful downtown Cape has, but instead these people were left staring through darkened windows. Bring in a bounce house, wading pools, a fair ride or two.


Wow. The 3/5 compromise counted slaves as 3/5 of a person when counting the U.S. population for determining representation in the U.S. House. Now comes a proposal to count illegals as not 3/5 of a person but a non-person altogether. I knew we had regressed, but I didn't think it was this far. Of course, an unintended consequence could be that if it passed constitutional muster it might make it impossible to deport a non-person.

Inaccurate alliteration

"Flags, fireworks and freedom." Good alliteration in your July 5 headline but you get an F for accuracy. Flags? Yes. Fireworks? Yes. Freedom? No. The Bush administration has destroyed freedom in America as we knew it, and I fear it will be permanent.

Pearly judgment

For the second time since I have lived in Cape Girardeau, my car was broken into and some of my belongings were stolen. The first time was downtown, the most recent was at a house on Perryville Road. What is going on here? I work hard for what I have only to have it taken from me. Whoever you are, you will get your punishment, even if it doesn't happen until you stand before the pearly gates to be judged.

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