Letter to the Editor

Orville Grimm had active life, many interests

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

To the editor:

As I read through the newspapers that have collected in my absence, I find that the wheels of life have continued to turn.

I often met Colonel Grimm at breakfast. When we planned a trip to Alaska, I learned that he had made the Alaska Highway trip three times. We talked of life in Germany and spoke German with each other. From Orville I learned of the mysterious Bavarian Auerhan. He described how his unit pulled enormous tanks up Alpine mountains. He was better at auto mechanics than the "Car Talk" brothers. When we ate meals at his church, Orville served us.

I wish I had asked Orville more questions about the grouse and valve systems on the first Ford V-8s and German funeral customs. He died in a fall, but he chose an active rather than a sedentary life. I will miss him and say with the poet Milton, "Farewell; Remember me on your journey to the stars."


Cape Girardeau