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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Hey, Dad: If your daughter tells you she's getting married, you don't have to pull out your wallet if you don't want to.

You can tell her to find an advertising sponsor to foot the bill.

Many couples these days are paying for their own weddings by allowing advertisers to borrow small pieces of the big day.

In exchange for the advertising, couples get services at deep discounts or even for free.

The advertising doesn't have to be intrusive. A recent news story joked about billboards or signs on the backs of tuxedos.

In reality, the advertising might be only a few printed lines on the back of the wedding program.

But it can be more visible at the rehearsal and reception. In some cases, a large board at the reception lists the name and service of each sponsor.

A place card in front of the wedding cake names the bakery.

Flower arrangements on each table names the florists. In some cases, sponsors are allowed to attend the wedding and hand out business cards. (A move that, no doubt, caused the mothers of the brides to gasp.)

One couple said they saved $30,000 using corporate sponsorships for their wedding.

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