Out of the past 7/2/07

Monday, July 2, 2007

25 years ago: July 2, 1982

WASHINGTON -- The Army Corps of Engineers has proposed an $88.9 million answer to the flooding problems in the St. Johns Bayou and New Madrid Floodway; the corps plan calls for new pumping stations, improvements and changes in channel designs, and facilities for wildlife and recreational areas surrounding the projects.

Southeast Missouri Hospital is seeking approval for the purchase of a $920,000 whole body CT scanner, a machine that the hospital projects would be used 2,000 times during its first 10 months of use.

50 years ago: July 2, 1957

Symbolizing the freeing of the traffic bridge at Cape Girardeau, workers with the State Highway Department raze the reinforced concrete toll house which stood for 29 years on Morgan Oak Street.

A detailed drawing showing the proposed change of an alley behind St. Mary's Cathedral and school was viewed by the city council yesterday; the cathedral, in acquiring part of the alley linking Good Hope and William streets, agrees to provide an equal alley right of way to nearby Frederick Street.

75 years ago: July 2, 1932

New York Gov. Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was nominated last night at the Democratic National Convention for president, was in Cape Girardeau nearly 12 years ago, accompanied by his wife; his visit was Nov. 4, 1920.

Cape Girardeau, rounding out its first six months of the year, is completing or has underway a building program costing about $100,000; thus far this year, 61 building permits have been issued by the city engineer, of which 20 are for dwellings.

100 years ago: July 2, 1907

Architect C.M. Roquette of the Frisco Railroad is in Cape Girardeau for the purpose of receiving bids from local contractors for building the new car repair shops; only one bid has been received so far, that being from Vogelsang Brothers.

Charles E. Benoist accompanies Will Hirsch's new "red devil" to Cape Girardeau aboard a steamboat; he drills Hirsch in the art of manipulating the automobile; after climbing all the hills and dodging all the ruts in the streets, Hirsch drives the machine to Jackson in just 30 minutes.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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