Speak Out 7/2/07

Monday, July 2, 2007

Breaking the law

African-American leaders need to be more concerned that the majority of those breaking laws are black. If police officers are pulling over more blacks on purpose it is because there is a higher chance that they will find something more than just a traffic ticket. And usually there is. Let's not knock the cops. Let's fix the breaking-the-law problem.

Parisian decadence

The decadence of our culture is well characterized by more media coverage given to the liberation of Paris Hilton than was given to the 1940s liberation of Paris, France.

Election timing

November is not the right time for a vote on Cape's sales-tax proposal says Cape's mayor. In Knudtsonese, that means we must wait for another time when no one is aware of the election or (if they are) don't bother to vote.

Coverage kudo

Thank you for your extremely fair and balanced coverage of the war memorial controversy.


Anyone WHO thinks all the global warming hype isn't just about the money need only look at Al Gore's net worth from the year 2000 to the present. It was between $1 million and $2 million in 2000 and $100 million now. I'd say global warming fear-mongering is good business.

Waste of money

I see the city has wasted even more money. As I drove down Themis Street and looked where the sidewalks are complete, people were still walking in the street and not using those brand new sidewalks. Even when this project is complete I still think the majority of people will still use the street.

Parks supporter

In regard to no to the water park and the city not maintaining what we currently have, I don't believe the city actually has funds specifically for maintaining what we currently have. I have four children, and they all are involved in many outdoor activities/sports. Because we spend so much time in the parks, I see many ways the city would benefit from this tax. It is not the parks department's fault that swing set swings are coming apart or that one summer the pump was broken at Capaha Pool. I want to commend the parks department for what they continually attempt to offer my children and all children. My vote will be a big yes.

No sexiest man fan

This sexieST man in Cape Girardeau contest is ridiculous. You have talented reporters working at the newspaper, and all they can do is some sexiest man contest? Come on, Southeast Missourian, you surely have more class than this.

Defending video games

Whoever wrote in the comment about video game addiction is seriously misinformed. Most of those so-called "professionals" have no medical degrees and therefore have no business making such statements. Punishing everyone who has something to do with video games, as if they were dealing with meth? That's just plain idiocy, and is going way overboard. If that ever happened, do you realize how many people would be imprisoned? It'd be too many for our justice system to handle, especially over something so trivial. I've been playing video games of all kinds for most of my 25 years of life, and never have I ever felt that I had to play, nor has it ever taken the place of anything more important in my life. If someone has a problem with stopping themselves from playing a video game, it's their fault, not anyone or anything else's.

Racial dialogue

There should be no dialogue as to whether racial profiling exists in Cape or not. It does. The dialogue should be between those who favor eliminating it and those who want to perpetuate it.

Giving it away

Our city and county governments continue to give our tax dollars to big business as is demonstrated by the tax incentive given to Sears and NARS, while putting the squeeze on small business in this town. Sears moved out of the building to Siemers Drive. The taxpayer funded this move. Then NARS comes to town, moves into the old Sears building, and the taxpayer funded this project. If you shop at businesses in the Town Plaza you will see this pass through tax on your sales receipt as well.

Due process

THE CALLER who surmises that Dennis McDonald disobeyed the law and that is why he went to jail needs to understand that our civil rights are being eroded. McDonald went to jail because a judge overstepped his powers. The U.S. Constitution provides citizens with protection under due process. McDonald was sent to jail without due process. Giving a person a suspended imposition of sentence and then sentencing them to jail is a little contradictory. This city could pass an ordinance that everyone had to wear blue shirts on Wednesday and if no one opposed it, the ordinance would stand. If a precedent is set where a judge can put you in jail and call it shock time, maybe Cape Girardeau should consider passing an ordinance such as blue shirts on Wednesday just for people like you. Thank God for people like Dennis McDonald who are willing to make a stand for our rights as citizens of this country.

Attacks won't stop

The terrorists made it clear that it does not matter who is in office, they will not stop their attacks. The first day the new prime minister was on the job they attempted to blow up a truck. They wanted to make it clear they don't care about politics, only to kill us.

Schools not at fault

As someone who worked with Al McFerren for several years, I'm very disappointed in his comments to the Southeast Missourian. McFerren believes that the district should make more of an effort to recruit black administrators. Why? A school district's job is to advertise positions and hire the best applicant. It is the applicants' jobs, be they white or black, to search out openings they are qualified for and interested in. Do not blame the district because black administrators don't apply here. And don't say that it's someone else's fault there are few black administrators. Colleges bend over backward to attract and retain minority students, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. Perhaps race is an issue here, but the responsibility lies with the black people who do not look for these jobs and pursue them.


Ann Coulter will say anything, and I do mean anything, for attention. Now that Bush is unpopular, she calls him a dunce. She tells "jokes" to the effect that John Edwards is exploiting his son's death in order to get votes. Coulter gives free speech a bad name and has deservedly earned the nickname "Coultergeist."

Honoring B's

Since when does a B grade become part of an honor roll? When I went to school, you needed straight A's (and some "honor" classes) to be considered an honor student. Now B grades are considered honor grades?

MoDOT on top

I think MoDOT is doing an awesome job with the construction on Interstate 55. i am the first to say I hate road construction, especially when it interferes with my morning commute, but it has actually been bearable. Thank you MoDOT for being on top of your game.

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