Letter to the Editor

Veteran questions challenge to memorial

Friday, June 29, 2007

To the editor:I am a Marine vet and have several questions about the front page article "County holds off on war memorial OK."

Do two county commissioners speak for the county?

Why on June 21 was VietNow told that a planned and paid-for memorial ready to be in place and formally presented on the Fourth of July was now no longer to be after a year of hard work raising the funds for this?

The article also stated that a group of prominent downtown business owners and others interested in historic preservation had written questioning the location. So Jon Rust, this paper's publisher, whose parking area just so happens to be across the street; Marla Mills, the director of Old Town Cape; John Wyman, owner of several downtown buildings, plus eight others claim they are writing as private citizens and not as private business owners or directors of any organization.

How many veterans vote in Cape Girardeau County? How many veterans in the five counties spend their money in Cape Girardeau?

Questions finished. Time to say to all who forgot or just look for personal profit, fame or gain, I proudly wear upon my jacket a 6-inch, round embroidered patch that has all five U.S. service symbols and states the truth, i.e., the nation which forgets its defenders will in itself be forgotten.

So Cape Girardeau County and Cape Girardeau, remember Rome. Never forget the heroes.

John T. Ryan, Marble Hill, Mo.