Letter to the Editor

Rome is burning

Friday, June 29, 2007

To the editor:To those of you who don't want term limits on your representatives in Congress (you want to vote them in or out based on their voting record): How's that working for you?

Have you been watching their actions on the war-funding bill, the immigration bill, and other spending bills? Have you kept track of the earmarks they've added to those bills? I hear folks can't tell what those earmarks are. So Congress is proposing a "transparency" bill so we voters will know who the earmarks will benefit. That will help you be an informed citizen.

Here's the deal. Congress is not voting for what's best for the country; they are voting to send tax money for projects, research programs, grants, and subsidies back to their voters in their districts to get re-elected. Re-elected is what they all are working for. No wonder the national debt is in the trillions. But still they have to add more earmarks to get re-elected. This fiasco could be settled with term limits. If we do not change this our government will eventually go bankrupt. I wonder if we citizens will be able to vote in our next form of government.

It's like Congress is fiddling while Rome is burning.

Betty Landre, Cape Girardeau