Speak Out 10/12/03

Sunday, October 12, 2003

JACK STAPLETON was a super political columnist. Though often cynical, his take-no-prisoners style was truthful and inimitable. He is irreplaceable.

Both blame and credit

TO THOSE who want to focus the blame on President Clinton for the lousy economy and unemployment: This is the worst excuse I have ever seen. When you are the president of the United States and the economy is good, you take credit for it. But if the economy is bad, then you take blame for it. I'm sure we would give President Bush credit if the economy were good, so let him take the blame for it as well.

Soldiers getting married

I COMMEND the soldiers in Iraq who have married Iraqi wives. I am disappointed they converted to Islam instead of encouraging their wives to convert to Christianity. However, it's better to marry than to burn, the Scriptures say. It's also better than the despicable act that happened in Vietnam of leaving countless babies behind with unwed mothers.

High drug costs

A RECENT caller said that pharmaceutical companies spend 25 percent of their budgets on research and development. In fact, 40 percent of their budgets are spent on average on research and development. Another 40 percent is spent on producing the drugs. And 20 percent is spent on such things as marketing. For a pharmaceutical company to bring a drug to the market costs approximately $800 million.

Short parade

I AM calling about the SEMO homecoming parade. What a beautiful day for a parade, and what a beautiful parade it was. I want to compliment the university and students. There were a lot of nice floats and bands. Why was it so short? The parade lasted less than 45 minutes. The short parade left a lot of people with wondering what was going on.

Doesn't help tourism

IT'S 1:45 p.m. on homecoming afternoon. It's a beautiful day. The sun is out. And our city is doing everything it can to promote tourism. There are a lot of out-of-town people here, and the Glenn House is closed. If you want to promote tourism -- and we pay so much for it, why can't there be a few people who can volunteer to keep the Glenn House open on a Saturday?

The rest of the story

RECENTLY, A local lawyer announced his candidacy for judge of the 32nd Judicial Circuit. This circuit includes Cape Girardeau, Bollinger and Perry counties. The candidate announced in a newspaper article that the current judge was appointed by Gov. Bob Holden and that Holden had lost in all three counties of the circuit. However, this candidate failed to mention that he too had lost in all three of the counties in his last race and that he unsuccessfully sought a gubernatorial appointment to the same position.

Festival is nuisance

THIS IS a lovely Saturday afternoon. I was enjoying myself quite well until a church decided to have a festival. So all afternoon I was subjected to loud music. I had to come inside and shut my doors and windows. I think the church should have been more considerate to its neighbors.

Manipulating the economy

WE ARE currently fighting a war in a place where we don't know who are our enemies and who are our friends. We are getting tax cuts at the same time we have budget deficits. This is like voodoo economics. President Bush will not be re-elected unless the administration can manipulate the economy so everything becomes great. History will repeat itself.

Passing the buck

I WATCHED the council meeting regarding the people on Edgewood wanting to store their coffee. I don't know any of the parties involved. I think the council and the mayor completely dropped the ball by sending this back to the planning and zoning commission. The council should have passed it. I see now P&Z has denied the permit. To let these grumpy neighbors keep this couple from making a living is a real shame. And, shame on you, Mayor, for passing the buck.

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