Sunday, October 12, 2003

Jackson pride, Part I

AS A Jackson fan just returning from the Central/Jackson game, I would like to say to all those in the Cape Girardeau media who thought Jackson was not in the SEMO Top 10: Realize that Jackson is the area's best team, period. How could Central still be ranked No. 1 and lose to a team like New Madrid County Central. Jackson is No. 1, New Madrid is No. 2 and maybe Central should be No. 3.

Jackson pride,PartII

THANKS FOR the nice article on Jackson and Central. You could have chosen Mitch Craft for the picture, but you chose Tyler and Mark, and the article was well done. We think very highly of kids on both sides. Again, thanks for giving Jackson some press. Also, I note that Jackson finally made it into the SEMO Top 10.

Jackson pride,Part III

AS A Jackson High School graduate now in college in the St. Louis area, I keep up with area sports and the anti-Jackson bias. I periodically survey the so-called SEMO Top 10, and I am always both amused and annoyed at the continual wish and earnest attempt to display Jackson football's lack of formidability. One question: Does anyone ever take into account strength of schedule? What other team within 100 miles can compare to facing Rockwood Summit, Pattonville, Fort Zumwalt West, Parkway West, Parkway Central, Francis Howell and the fiercest of all: Central, Sikeston and Poplar Bluff? Even the St. Louis media gives respect to the Jackson program and realizes the quality of teams Jackson faces week after week. Nevertheless, a 27-14 win over the No. 2 team in the area and seventh-ranked team in Class 4 just affirms what we on the side of reality comprehend: Jackson football, no matter the year, never receives the respect it deserves but produces teams to be reckoned with.

Jackson pride,part IV

I AM disgusted with area sports coverage. I recently moved to Jackson and am a high school sports fan. I attended a game last weekend with a usual crowd of over 4,000 fans. The next day, Jackson has three paragraphs on Page 5 of the sports section. Thank you.

Actually, we published a game photo and a 14-paragraph story from the game.

Rush really slipped

I WAS watching the show when Rush made his blunder. Because of who he is, I was neither shocked or amazed. I immediately classified it as stupid utterance that seemingly came out of left field. The statements had absolutely no merit. Neither did race have any place in the conversation. Had Rush simply expressed his opinion that McNabb was overrated and supported it with McNabb's QB rating over the last few seasons, he could still be blowing hard and saying nothing for weeks to come. ESPN made a mistake in hiring Rush in the first place.

A welcome balance

THANKS FOR the more balanced preview of Jackson's football game. Your previous previews always seemed biased toward the other teams.

An alternative headline

A SLOPPY surprise?Looked more like a sloppy spanking.

The end of the stat line

WHEN ARE you going to update Sports Huddle? Everything from the players to the stats are from last year. We enjoy keeping up with the teams in the area, but the year is half over and we are still looking at last year's information.

We discontinued our partnership with the Sports Huddle program after last season.

A Jeff Brightwell fan

I JUST want to say how much I enjoyed listening to Jeff Brightwell call the Central-Jackson game. I'm elderly and in poor health, and I couldn't go to the game because of the bad weather. We'll miss Jeff.

Turn it down, please

THE SPEAKERS at the Jackson high football stadium are nice, but is there anyone else who thinks they need to be turned down a bit?

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