Out of the past 6/22/07

Friday, June 22, 2007

25 years ago: June 22, 1982

Cape Girardeau police have positively identified the woman whose slain body was found in the bedroom of a William Street home yesterday as Mildred Wallace, 65; she was a secretary at the Marquette Co. plant and was active in numerous civic and club activities.

Four hundred and fifty to 500 new voters were registered last week during Registration Out-Reach, says Cape Girardeau County Clerk Rodney Miller; about 60 to 70 percent of the new voters are Cape Girardeau residents.

50 years ago: June 22, 1957

Doctors administering smallpox vaccinations at the Arena Building in the morning are overwhelmed by hundreds of adults and children who stand three deep in a line that extends from the south door of the structure out to East Rodney Drive; four doctors and a number of nurses administer the free vaccine.

The first units of Southeast Missouri Hospital's new addition, the kitchen and dining room, are put into use for the first time at the noon meal.

75 years ago: June 22, 1932

At its next meeting, the Cape Girardeau City Council will consider an ordinance appropriating $2,000 for the purchase of 10 acres of land in the West End for cemetery purposes; the tract now belongs to Allan Kimmel and lies immediately north of the Lorimier Cemetery; it is adjacent to a part of the eastern boundary of Fairmount Cemetery.

Apparently seized with cramps while swimming in the Little River Diversion Channel in the evening, Enos Bachman, 35, proprietor of a Cape Girardeau cafe at 36 N. Main St., drowns; the tragedy is witnessed by about 15 men and boys who are powerless to rescue him.

100 years ago: June 22, 1907

Lawyer Charles H. Daues has been appointed the first assistant United States district attorney; Daues will take his office and be sworn into the service of the government Aug. 1; he will have to move to St. Louis, and it is believed he will do so before July 1.

A fine new thresher arrives in Cape Girardeau on the boat from St. Louis for George Weiss and his sons, Herman, Henry and Charles; they take it out to their farm north of town and will soon give it a test.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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