Speak Out 6/17/07

Sunday, June 17, 2007


I'M CALLING about the person who ran over the dog on Sycamore Street in Scott City. The dog died Saturday morning. The driver could at least have stopped and said he was sorry.

Speed-limit savings

EVERYBODY IS complaining about gasoline prices. I do too. Why not drive the speed limit? I think it would make a difference. I'm driving the speed limit, and I'm about to get run over anywhere I go. It amazes me that people do not care about the price of gas and aren't trying to help their own cause. Slow down and drive the speed limit.

Sidewalk waste

WHAT A waste it is to spend money for sidewalks. Those who walk in residential areas still walk in the street by the curb. What's wrong with parking cars in driveways and garages to make walking easier.

Immigrants and SS

I WOULD like to comment on the president's proposed immigration law. Why do the presidents feel like they need to sell the country down the drain? Now President Bush wants to legalize immigration and break the Social Security bank. I thought Social Security was about broke anyway. Why do we give another 12 million illegal immigrants citizenship and try to break our Social Security worse than ever? I don't understand this.

Legal welcome

AREN'T YOU tired of hearing that we should give illegal aliens this and that? I am. We also hear that they do jobs Americans won't do. No, because the companies won't pay anything so by doing these jobs at those low wages they're undermining the American people. It all boils down to who does the most for them will get the most votes. We are being sold out by our government. Don't sit back and take it. Call your senator and your representative. We have not made exceptions for any other group of people wishing to come here. Why now? Why these people? The poor Haitians can't get here, illegally or legally. No amnesty? Don't kid yourself. It is amnesty. Wake up before there is a different flag flying over this country. If you want to come here legally like everybody else, you're welcome.

Ordination wishes

I WOULD like to congratulate Father William Hennecke who was ordained June 1 at St. Mary Cathedral. I was fortunate to be at his ordination and his first Mass. Both were beautiful and inspiring. Congratulations, Father William.

Water park vote

I BELIEVE taxpayers want and deserve a water park, but I'm sure we are smart enough not to pay for the city's odds and ends that have been put on hold for years. Give the area a boost and have one item on the agenda: a water park.

Water park idea

NO TO the water park. A water park might make money in the summer, but the other nine months we would be paying for nothing. Our taxes have gone up enough, 10 percent this year alone. If a water park is to be built in Cape Girardeau, let some private sector build it make all the money off of it. Or lose all the money off of it.

Odds and ends

IN ORDER to get a water park on the ballot, be prepared to see many extra miscellaneous programs the city has ignored for years. To place the water park at the Osage Community Centre is ridiculous. That area is already congested, and street expansion would soon follow. Placing a water park that can be seen from the interstate would sell itself. Taxpayers deserve a water park, but I'm sure we are smart enough not to pay for the city's odds and ends.

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