McMichael finds desired stability with the Rams

Wednesday, June 13, 2007
St. Louis Rams quarterback Marc Bulger, left, looked to pass as he was pressured by Rams rookie Adam Carriker (90) during a minicamp practice Tuesday at Rams Park in St. Louis. (Jeff Roberson ~ Associated Press)

The former Dolphins tight end is reunited with coach Linehan.

ST. LOUIS -- Randy McMichael finally entered a mini-camp knowing for certain who his team's starting quarterback will be to start the season.

He spent his first five years with Miami where the Dolphins changed starting quarterbacks on an almost annual basis -- if not multiple times a year. The tight end said he signed with St. Louis as a free agent for the stability it offered.

"It was to the point [in Miami] where it was like, 'Who's going to be the quarterback this year?'" said McMichael on the first day of the team's three-day mini-camp.

The Dolphins used three quarterbacks last season and nine during McMichael's tenure in South Florida. This season, Trent Green is Miami's latest attempt to find a consistent starter.

McMichael said he wanted nothing to do with the revolving quarterback situation at Miami. Instead, he spent the offseason considering the New York Jets, Oakland and St. Louis and decided with Marc Bugler at quarterback, the Rams offered him the best chance at success, individually and as a team.

The stability for St. Louis comes not only at the quarterback position but throughout the offense.

Aside from an offensive line that was in flux for part of 2006 because of injuries, the top of the Rams' depth chart has not changed much over the past several years.

Steven Jackson has been the established No. 1 back for two seasons and Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt have been mainstays at receivers for years. McMichael said he's excited to play with that caliber of offensive players and is not concerned that the talented duo will cost him receptions.

"If you're open, they're going to throw you the ball," McMichael said. "That's one thing I didn't consider. I really wanted to come here and be part of something special. I really feel like I am going to be able to help this football team."

McMichael has started every game since the Dolphins drafted him in the fourth round out of Georgia in 2002. He had 62 receptions for 640 yards and three touchdown in his final year with Miami.

Under Rams coach Scott Linehan, who served as Miami's offensive coordinator during the 2005 season and uses the same offense in St. Louis, McMichael had a career-high five touchdowns. He said knowing the offense and having played under Linehan certainly was a draw for him.

"The way he coached in Miami, I admired him a lot," McMichael said. "I know he was a big fan of mine, just like I was a big fan of his."

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