Letter to the Editor

Leave collective bargaining alone

Monday, June 11, 2007

To the editor:I cannot help but respond to Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder's opinion on the Missouri Supreme Court's ruling on collective bargaining. Kinder has stripped thousands of children and elderly Missourians off of Medicaid. He has tried unsuccessfully to keep working women and men in poverty by vehemently opposing the minimum-wage law. However, he continues to cater to the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and big business by supporting tax cuts for big business.

It is clear where Kinder and Gov. Matt Blunt stand when it comes to working Missourians. It is their philosophy that Missourians are lucky to have jobs. The reality of the situation is that working men and women have the right to try and make their workplace better, whether it be by a binding union contract or any other means.

Kinder should leave collective bargaining alone and save the last little bit of dignity that he may have. He is wasting the taxpayers' time and money by fighting a basic right that 28 other states currently enjoy.

TRAVIS CASE, Vandalia, Mo.