Out of the past 6/6/07

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

25 years ago: June 6, 1982

After serving as music teacher at St. Mary's School for 10 years, Sister M. Cordula Wekenborg will be leaving Cape Girardeau to become music education instructor at St. Anthony's Parish School in Effingham, Ill.; she is honored by parish members with a vesper service at the cathedral, followed by a covered-dish dinner.

Robert and Debra Wolfenkoehler have purchased a building at 118 Themis St., in Cape Girardeau from Howard E. and Mary Thilenius; they will open a retail and custom service store there under the name The Glass Menagerie.

50 years ago: June 6, 1957

Leaving a cupid's heart etched in whipped cream on the floor, burglars tear a hole in the roof of the Childs IGA Foodliner and steal an estimated $200 to $250 in change and an undetermined quantity of merchandise.

Cape Girardeau is maintaining a good financial pace in 1957 and is better off moneywise than a year ago, Mayor Walter H. Ford reports to the city council; the city, as of May 31, had in the general revenue fund a balance of $72,134.23; this compares to a $44,743.10 at the same time in 1956.

75 years ago: June 6, 1932

Roy Woeltje, recently appointed by Gov. Henry S. Caulfield to fill the unexpired term of the late John Lucht as surveyor of Cape Girardeau County, has notified the governor that he cannot accept the position; because he is in the civil service of the United States as a substitute mail carrier, he cannot hold a political office.

A controversy over the use of laborers from Fredericktown, Mo., in unloading sugar from Mississippi River barges at the foot of Themis Street in Cape Girardeau, and the price paid the workers, threatens for a time to halt the work; but the matter is adjusted after police intervene.

100 years ago: June 6, 1907

Bowman Bros. -- Arthur, Lee and William Bowman -- have formed a real estate firm in Cape Girardeau; their office is in the post office building.

M.E. Leming, G.B. Shackelford and C.J. Crawford go out on the Houck Railroad in the morning on a tour of investigation; Crawford is the man who will build a Portland cement factory in Cape Girardeau.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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